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Pages I Created or Contributed Heavily To

I've been busy. This is a collection of my proudest, and not so proudest, contributions to this site. Why am I making this? Because I'm proud of my contributions here; they tell me that I'm worth more than I think.

List items

  • Heavily overhauled the page. Wrote the whole article, added the pictures.

  • Expanded on the characters, gameplay, and background. Also organized a few things.

  • Created. Not much to elaborate on but was still a noteworthy supporting character.

  • Created. The page is pretty vacant because there's almost nothing noteworthy of this game. Maybe later I'll actually add a brief overview of what there is.

  • Original article was a copy paste of the Wikipedia article, which the writer admitted. Rewrote article based on the Wiki page without trying to outright copy it word for word.

  • Created. Funny enough, as much as I wrote there, I forgot to add "grass" to 'Objects'.

  • Rewrote the article.

  • Created. Then went into Garry's Mod to try to get descriptions for each default 'tool'.

  • Created. Later elaborated on the character.

  • Created.

  • Created.

  • Created. I really planned to write about this location at length.

  • Created.

  • Created. I meant to write more about it though. Hell, I didn't even give it a picture.

  • Created. I liked Skies of Arcadia.

  • Created. Still need to work on.

  • Created. Still need to work on.

  • Expanded on his career as a TV personality and a voice actor.

  • Created.

  • Created. Though by the time I got the message it passed someone already added most of the games.

  • Created. I was quite surprised that no one actually made it. Added many of the games that are built around rock or were related.

  • Created. Never played the game, and based on what I've seen I don't want to. Content based on a couple YouTube videos and the Wiki article.

  • Created. Wrote article. I also remember spending a lot of time adding games and characters after GB gave the okay. Also, at one point, my computer crashed before I could save an hour's worth of additions. There was rage.

  • Created. Also, to the guy who changed the article description headline... thanks. I'll admit it, that was a terrible joke: thank you for making the article appear more formal.

  • Created. I'm flattered that so many people find its existence intriguing; or amusing.

  • Created. Added most of the games based on what I've seen and a AVGN special. Why did I make such an trivial/obscure article? Because I'm awesome.

  • Created. This is my least favorite article, because I didn't put a lot of effort into it. It's now orphaned because I now understand that there are a lot of characters like this, so I feel its pointless. If it was deleted, I would understand. If it was expanded, though, I would be grateful.

  • Created. After adding a bunch of Castlevania characters, this article was put up on the deletion chopping block. Also, to this day, I have no idea who the characters in the image are.

  • Downloaded the game then overhauled the article.

  • Created. Added many of the listed games. Still keeping my ears peeling for any modern game with a soundtrack consisting of synths and Atari boops.

  • Created. Wrote the whole article and even made that "no dignity" joke at the bottom. While there is some shame to having made this one, I'm proud to be one of the few users who actually write something on these sex game articles. I feel that if you made it, you've played it so therefore you should write a bit about it.

  • Expanded on their backstory and relevance to the Left 4 Dead universe.

  • Created. Wrote the article. Though I will admit that the Left 4 Dead Wiki's version is a helluva lot better.

  • Created. Wrote the article then actually played with the developer console to get the picture.

  • Created. Wrote the whole damn thing: but I really want to get some high-quality pictures of each variation.

  • Wrote almost the whole thing. Later, someone came in and made it sound better; and I am grateful that he did.

  • Created. Wrote almost the whole article. I felt that the term being used to only as an alias for the Sexualized Women article didn't do any justice for the concept.

  • Created. Added a couple things, but I feel the GB community can help this one out.

  • Created. Added most of the games and wrote the brief article. Additionally, when possible, I go to the games page and type the actual reference made. Always on the lookout for any game that makes an Internet reference.

  • Created. A game I used to play when I was a kid. I plan to reinstall the game and expand the article.

  • Wrote most of the article. Still hoping for the fourth.

  • Created. While an important story character I have no regrets that her article was created so I could put her on my Big Breast List.

  • Created.

  • Rewrote the article and made the article image.

  • Created. Again, she has made for the Big Breast List. While she only had a role in the original TimeSplitters I thought: "RoboFish has an article. Why the fuck not?"

  • Created. Wrote the article based on what little info I could grab. Later I found out that the search tool lied to me: but since the page was orphaned I had the two combined.

  • Created. Wrote the article based on what little info I could grab. Same story as Fay.

  • Created. Though, admittingly, I doubt it should exist. If someone wants it deleted, I won't care.

  • Created. Wrote the whole article. Since the game has gone out of beta I should really update the page.

  • Re-wrote the article. However, due to a glitch and my own impatience, I have double the points I should've been awarded. When I first typed it, it didn't appear. Right after I made a minor edit, which caused my work to be lost but still gave me the points. I later typed it again so now I have more points for that contribution than I should have.

  • Created. Wrote the brief article.

  • Rewrote much of the article (overview, gameplay) for a Wiki Task. Later added the Weapons section.

  • Reorganized the bosses and transformations section for a Wiki Task.

  • Wiki task. Added plot, fixed gameplay. Also added "Potato Sack" promotion and extra content.

  • Updated the page, added images, added statistics.