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Games I've Played 2018

What it says on the box. A way for me to remember what games I've played this year to remember come GOTY time or just look up in a few years when I feel nostalgic and like playing something I enjoyed.

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  • P2W timesink. Horrible way to waste your time. Very cute art style, though. And weirdly infectious main theme that had me making mouth sounds long after I stopped playing the game.

  • P2W timesink. Horrible way to waste your time. Somehow worse than Pocket Waifu?

  • I have no idea how this ended up in my Steam library. Probably part of some Humble Bundle? Not particularly exciting arena hack'n'slash. While you have a fairly sizeable list of moves, the enemies are too dumb for it to be of any consequence. For the hour I played this I could just stand there charging up my super move against every enemy type I encountered in the first 15 or so stages. Never even approached anything like challenging. It also looks and sounds very "budget".

  • Shovel Knight is still dope. Every expansion feels really fresh thanks to wildly different mechanics. Still great music, too.

  • I love this game. Not just because it's a great Marvel-style tag team fighter, but because it got my friends interested enough in it through the flashy graphics, simple auto combos and in some cases source material to actually wanna play it more than once or twice (e.g. Guilty Gear Xrd, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V).

  • Great game. Less of a point'n'click adventure than I expected going in, but the writing kept me interested nonetheless. Handles serious, zeitgeist-y topics really well. Love the aesthetic and the soundtrack.

  • Didn't pay for it, part of my Origin Access subscription. Not as bad as people made it out to be? I suppose it's partially due to all the patching since launch. Didn't encounter any major bugs and only a few minor ones like my character teleporting five feet into the air for no reason once. The writing wasn't particularly strong, but it wasn't offensively bad either. If anything this made me think of how lacking the first Mass Effect was compared to 2 (gameplay-wise, specifically) and made me kinda sad that this team most likely won't get a chance at a sophomore effort.

  • Didn't pay for it, part of my Origin Access subscription. S'fine.

  • Not really interested in sports games or soccer, EA's Origin Access subscription program made try the Story mode in last year's game. I found it fun enough to finish and was interested in continuing Alex Hunter's story. Sadly, not much has changed since last year's game and the story-heavy parts are very much towards the first third of the career, with long stretches of match after match near the end. So, yeah, too much soccer in this soccer game for me. Would love to see more character choices and dynamic story in the next one. Also, for the love of god, just give me an A when simulating training once I did it manually.

  • Great tactics game. Never felt so much in control of what's going on on the board. Every time something went wrong I felt like I could've played my turn better. Like all the different mech options even though I felt most at home with the two "simplest" starter crews.

  • I don't remember what the last game was that had a fast travel option I seldom used. Just exploring the beautiful world was very fun, with the woods reminding me of my childhood running around in similar woods in South Germany/Poland. Other than that I very much enjoyed the combat, at least in 1-on-1 fights. Especially fistfighting once I got the hang of it. The story was interesting with a genuinely likeable main character.

  • Man, this game has changed. The professions feel so pointless now and you rush through the early game content at such a breackneck speed that you get new skills every other fight it feels like. Which leads to a steep learning curve as you try to get acquainted with all of them. At least with my class of choice, Xelor, that has changed significantly since the old days with the introduction of telefrags.

  • This is the furthest I've ever gotten in this game. Level 13-ish at the moment after finishing Denerim and two of the DLC areas and man, my Elven Mage feels like a wrathful goddess. This game has some of the glass cannoniest mages I've ever seen and I love it.

  • It's Kirby! Except more busy/annoying because of all the helper characters running around all over the place!

  • I've only played one game of this so far. Did the standard scenario and miraculously survived until the end. What I find most interesting about this city builder is that you actually get to make moral choices through the law system. I somehow managed to skirt around any "problematic" laws like child labor or the inquisition and public flagellation (down the religion tree).

  • Not much to say here. Mediocre open world game with mediocre Batman-style combat. The driving was alright.

    Holy shit, do I hate the "story", though. Just a nonsensical chain of cutscenes that actually left me angry near the end of the game.

  • 5 hours in. Very impressed so far.


  • Love this game, an instant favorite. Finished it in three sittings. With a total time of 23 hours. I rarely play games for such long stretches at a time, which is a credit to how engrossing the world is. The whole package is just impressive: graphics, music, lore, combat, world design, playstyle customization. I've played a lot of games in this genre and rarely has a world felt so real, interconnected and just fun to explore. The difficulty has a nice progression to it, I don't think I've died at all in the first few hours/sections of the game. Some of the late game challenges are a kick in the balls, though admittedly most of them are optional.

    Possibly the best metroidvania I've ever played, though I'll have to let it sit for a while before I can make any definitive statements.

  • Wowee, this is a grind. The basic beat 'em up mechanics are still fun, but the story quests are almost all bad and one extended part near the end is straight-up unfair and frustrating.

  • Great songs in this rhythm game inspired by gaming history.

  • Enjoyed this one. Much more interesting combat than in previous games. Got to be a bit too long at the end.

  • It's free real estate.

  • Finally got around to playing Act 2. Played through the entire thing in one sitting. Thought there were some weird plot twists/holes in the second act, but enjoyed the more involved puzzles.

  • I've played this game when it came out. But that was on Normal, now I'm playing on Hard (Ultra Violence) and I'm honestly not great at FPS games. So I die fairly frequently. But there's few games that make you feel so accomplished after surviving a particularly hard encounter. Balancing defense and offense, long range shooting and going in for the glory kill or chainsaw kill to replenish your ammo is integrated beautifully. The intricate maps also remind of the original.

    That I get to enjoy this game on Ultra settings at 120 FPS helps the game, too.

  • After finishing the 2016 game I felt like going back to the original. So I downloaded Zandronum which offers tons of customization and makes the game run flawlessly (as far as I could tell at lest) on a modern PC. Running at 90 mph is still fun and the soundtrack great (even if E1M1 is followed by several stinkers). But the combat lacks depth. At the same Ultra Violence setting I was breezing through the levels thanks to the very generous aiming and basically strafing around corners to kill most of the enemies. In 2018 I enjoy the modern game much more than the original.

  • Wow, where did this come from? I watched the Quick Look for this when it came out, but thought it was just a quirky little title. And while it is that it amazed me how much I actually liked the story and characters. It felt to me like a weird split between Night in the Woods and Paper Mario. Except good in NitW's case.

    That and the superb soundtrack (definite Soundtrack of The Year for me (King of Hearts is so goddamn good but The Bard and The Witch is also great in a totally different way)) make it one of the best games I played this year.

  • Thanks for the Game Awards for making me remember that I played this game. It's cute, but it's also an incredibly slight experience that I'll probably never touch again after the hour or so I spent with it.

  • This game got the boss weapons right. They're incredibly useful not just for exploiting weaknesses but for traversing the stages themselves. And they absolutely crush larger enemies (ground zappies on the Sniper Joe walker) and mini-bosses. The bosses themselves have some fun patterns but are overall on the easier side.

    Biggest bummer in this game is the music. It's all fairly generic and doesn't really feel like Mega Man. The only track I actively remember is the Bounce Man Stage Theme. That isn't to say that it's necessarily bad, just somewhat forgettable.