Project Bone! A community-based indepth look at a single game.

Project Bone! A community-based indepth look at a single game.

Game: Project Bone


Platform: PC

Size/Media: 24mb Direct Download

Free/Cost: Free

Time Frame: 30 Minutes Maximum


Since the "yesteryear" idea is apparently dead and since I was really idea into the idea im trying to cut down on the fat and make it a leaner and quicker thing to do. First of all most of the rules go away and the 2 days only of discussion. My plan is to post up a small game (probably indie or freeware) to play and then have a discussion about it with whoever turns out. As time goes on we can then work in longer games if its a success and also from week 2 (fingers crossed) onwards we can have people submit and vote on the game which we then play. This is open to those who have never played the game and also to those who have long ago.

If you are interested in this then lets play:

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Gravity Bone is a first person adventure based on the Quake 2 engine. As such it will run on almost any computers (even netbooks I would assume) and it lasts at most half of an hour. Since its free and avalable from then everyone who wishes to join in should be able to. To quickly describe it the first level takes place in "Nuevos Aires" and have to do some espionage against some blockheads who have disgruntled your employer in some way.

So everyone who would like to have a good discussion about a game, including those who have already played and completed it, then heres you chance, head on over to and download the game. For those who have already completed it (in the past or just now) then keep anything that isnt the first level from the first few posts for those who are just hearing about this and going to download it.

If you intend to join it then please do not read further down this thread since it will contain spoliers and cloud your own view of the game.

Thanks for reading and thank you for anyone whos interested. Im off to replay Gravity Bone to make sure my discussions are as accurate as possible and to relive its awesomeness.

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