New to PS3, some Thoughts

I just got a PS3 a few days, ive been planning to get one for a while, and I thought id post my thoughts. Perhaps most of them will be the same or similer to others but thats to be expected.

1) Installation

This is a double-edge sword I suppose, in the first instance while it installs its annoying (I loaded up Metal Gear Solid 4 as my first game and sat for 20 minutes looking at Snake smoking) but compared to Xbox 360 games they seem to load faster. Im not sure if I totally hate it, and I understand why it happens, but for a first time player its very anti-climactic to spend half an hour walking home in the rain with a big shiny "steal me now" box and then to sit cold and wet waiting.

2) Online Experience

So far my online experience has been very annoying and lonely. I chose Metal Gear Online as my first online game since I had MGS4 in the drive but I had to update which is fair enough but I sat for an hour and a half and got to twenty percent. This is particularely annoying since it didnt tell me how fast im downloading, how much ive downloaded, how much there is to download or allow me to download in the background. Ive tried to update this game a few times but after giving it a total of 4 hours I got to 79% where it gave me another error and restarted at 0%.

I had a lot more success with Resistence 2 (this time since it was through PSN it told me it was a 350mb download) which updated fine, though sadly not in the background, but it took a lot longer than most games ive updated on my Xbox 360 which normally take at absolute most 10 minutes (if other people are using my connection normally) but once I had it updated I got online and played games with no visible lag which was great. Sadly I havent been able to play Motorstorm: Pacific Rift online since it has a ~700mb update and I'd rather be playing my PS3 just now than letting it update.
My last complaint about online, which ive only been able to try on Resistence 2, is that I bought a headset (Official Sony Headset) and ive heard exactly no ones voices through it, and the Playstation 3 tells me its working and connected.

3) Playstation Store

The store works well for the most part except without going on my PC (or PSN Internet Browser) I cant tell the size of a download unless its free. For me since I have a slow download speed (and technically a download limit) I would like to know this sort of thing before I make a purchase.

The only other complaint I have is that it dosent seem to be sectioned very well, mainly in regards to having a "demo" section like the Xbox Marketplace and Steam.

4) Cables

This for me is a welcome change from other consoles because quite often ive lost the battery pack or charging cable for my Wireless Xbox 360 Gamepad but since the Dualshock 3 has the battery pack built in and the connection is a MicroUSB to USB cable (which is also used for most other things it seems) I have many of them lying around from my PSP and other peoples phones etc.

5) Communication Features

For the most part adding people as a PSN friend is easy and quick the only "problem" is that there is no support for Voice messages which would be a lot faster and easier for me until I get a USB Keyboard and leaving it permanently hooked up in front of my TV. This is mostly a non-issue but its worth noting.

6) Blu-Ray

Having the ability to watch Blu-Rays is awesome. I dont plan to get a Blu-Ray over a DVD (except maybe Planet Earth) but watching The Dark Knight in 1080p on a ~42" TV was a great experience and fantastic film and I love that I now have that option.

Apart from this im loving it, though using the Dualshock for Third/First person shooters again feels odd (and I definately prefare the style of control the Xbox 360 has in this regard) im getting used to it. I need to pick up a few more games like Socom: Confrontation (which is mostly why a bought a headset) and Unreal Tournament 3.

Sorry if most of this information is a re-read for most people but thanks for reading if you did :)