Poetic Insight

Ive been meaning to do this kind of thing for ages but seeing TurboMan's Haiku Review of God of War 3 spurred me to give it a go. I havent done a Haiku and instead just did a more free "poem" as ive been meaning to do for a long while. 

Mass Effect
To be thrust to the stars
only a racist and gun in tow.
The robots disgraced us,
the gunplay followed.
But I felt the drive,
through the depth of universe.
I felt it three times over.

Tekken 6
I have memories of the tag,
of the PS Pad in hand.
Memories of those days muddle,
I wonder what the purpose is.

Assassin's Creed
In ease of traversal,
beginnings of greatness.
In the end it frays,
but I still had hope.

Assassin's Creed 2
In ease of traversal,
beginnings of greatness.
But Ezio has soul,
and this has completion.