Project Bone: Seiklus

Game: Seiklus


Platform: PC

Size/Media: 2.6mb Direct Download

Free/Cost: Free

Time Frame: Unknown


Chosen by the players in this thread:

Original Project Bone Post:

Seiklus is an exploration/platform indie game for the PC. As of yet I personally dont know much about it and will be experiencing it for the first time, I expect, along with most of the people who want to get involved with Project Bone. For those that dont know Project Bone is where we all play a game, generally focussing on Free/indie games to allow as many people to play as possible, then discuss it with everyone else that played. To try and illustrate this game ive simply taken the promotional pictures from the games website as it seems to illustrate this game very well.

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So have fun guys and when your done then come back here and post your thoughts on the game, its gameplay, its art style and anything else you want to talk about the game (in fact not just the game but if you want how about how does this game relate to a possibly progression of the genre or something else :)). And when you have posted up your thoughts remember and come back and see other peoples thoughts and discuss them.

Have fun :)