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Best of 2009

pbhawks45: Best of 2009

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  • Holy shit. Holy shit. I played Uncharted 1 and 2 back to back, and the improvements were astonishing. The graphics are incredible, the story is amazing, and I've become addicted to the multiplayer.

  • Yeah, they Transformers 2'ed the story, but the gameplay is still top notch, and the multiplayer is still second to none in terms of fun and "holy shit, it's 3 in the morning?" moments.

  • Great story. They did an amazing job of listening to the complaints of the first game. For that, they get some massive props.

  • Immersion. Arkham Asylum, in my opinion, did the best job of making it feel like you are actually in the game since Bioshock. Couple that with great storytelling and solid voice acting, and you've got a winning formula.

  • Sports game? What the fuck? I know. But seriously, play FIFA 10. Even if you hate soccer, the feeling of scoring a goal is so euphoric. The graphics are retardedly good, and there's so many gameplay modes to try out. It feels like they totally could have charged $80 for the game. Wait, why am I saying this? EA, keep it at $60!