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Never surrender: A Homefront Review 2

For me, it's hard to think of or play Homefront without conjuring up memories of playing Freedom Fighters, the squad-based third person shooter released in 2003 by io and published by EA. The game didn't sell well, but it was one of the most well-made games last generation. While the types of games are exact opposites, the story and premise of Freedom Fighters was an alternate future where the Soviet Union dropped the bomb on Japan and became a world power and invaded the United States. It was a...

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Greatest sports game ever? Greatest sports game ever. 0

I recently purchased a PS3 with the money I got for my 21st birthday (January 8). While I was pumped to finally play both Uncharted games, along with MGS4 and Killzone 2, I feel like I really bought the PS3 for MLB: The Show. I know, right? A sports game as a system seller? What in the Solid Snake am I smoking?   For me, my purchase came down to how much I love baseball. While I loved/played most sports, baseball was the sport I was the best at. The highlight of my life has to be when I hit a wa...

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THE most important game released on the PS3, maybe this gen 1

Oh, Heavy Rain. You were thrown out as a sign of how video games have matured, and how they can be taken seriously by the average consumer. How well did you deliver on those hopes? Better than I could have imagined or hoped for.  SetupHeavy Rain is a fairly simple game. The player takes control of four different characters throughout the game. They don't have any unique abilities (besides Jayden and his matrix-style ARI), but each one feels different from one another. The main gameplay element...

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The best hand held game this decade. 0

I'm not one for exaggerations. When I really like a game, I try to look back at previous games that have wowed me. None have like Rolando 2. Maybe it's because I'm starved for some great iPhone games, maybe its because Rolando 1 didn't get the praise it deserved, but I truly believe this is one of the best hand held game this decade.The game picks up right after the original left off, but you aren't playing a mobile game for the story. The object of the game is to transport the Rolando's from be...

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A lesson for developers 0

Alone in the Dark is kind of like your drunk Uncle who everyone roots for in life to get back on track. It's hard not to love him, and even when he disappoints you and even at his most frustrating points in life, you never give up on him. Even when you feel like throwing the game out the window and smashing it to pieces, there's still a warm place in my heart for it.There's a lot of good in AITD. You begin the game with a unique way to get acclimated with the controls in an eye checkup, a very s...

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Proof that a good story matters 0

I'll be honest here: I thought The Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit for you crazy non-Americans) was going to be terrible when I first heard about the concept. No shooting? No neck breaking? My 14 year old mind couldn't comprehend the lack of actual gameplay in a videogame. So I was very suspicous about the actual quality that this game would have. Well, let's just say that this game kicks ass.The game takes the style of a Metal Gear Solid in that it feels like an interactive movie. The camera will ch...

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