Best of 2010

pcmachnik: Best of 2010

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  • This is by far one of my favorite games, not only this year but, of all time. A great mix of fun gameplay and campy cut scenes makes this a must have.

  • An exciting campaign and some of my favorite multiplayer online makes for a great package. The destructible environments are what set this game apart from other multiplayer shooters.

  • Although short, this game provides a fantastic setting with some great puzzle/platform elements.

  • One of the best fighting games I have played that has rekindled my love for the genre. This is a game that has also brought many gamers back to the consoles for another round with their old favorite characters.

  • Mass Effect was one of my favorite stories in gaming. This sequel improved the shooting and story-telling and proves to be one of the best of all time. PS3 owners are lucky to be getting this game as it is an instant classic.

  • Of all the Kinect games I own, this one tends to be the game I return to and stick with for the longest periods of time. I do think Kinect Adventures is a lot of fun and will hopefully expand into an even bigger franchise, but Dance Central is the proof of concept for the Kinect this year.

  • The only reason this game is not getting more attention is due to the amount of other games that are taking up all my time right now. The is a great addition to any gamer collection and I cannot wait to see what Namco-Bandai does next.