Games that need sequels

This is a list of games that I would like to see sequels for that fall in no particular order. I will add to it as I think of more games.

List items

  • Even though there is a ds title coming, I would prefer a full blown console sequel. Ideally, this would happen with members of the now defunct Clover Studios team. This was a stunning achievement for the PS2 at the end of it's life and sadly did not sell as well as it should have. This pointed the adventure game in a different direction and should be given a modern treatment with the current generation of hardware.

  • The Japanese counter part does have a sequel. This was one of the games that made me want a ds and I played this game to it's fullest. More of this type of game in general would be great.

  • This is another game that suffered from coming right at the end of a console cycle and also did not get as much hype from the consumer side as it should have. This was a beautiful game with some interesting concepts that with new hardware and some refining would be an instant classic.

  • Many gamers have been asking for a sequel to this game and I would like to think that this will be in the works sooner rather than later especially since the online functions no longer work for this game.

  • This is a pretty recent game, but I think a return to this universe would be a great thing for the Behemoth to do at some point. With such a small team and much planned for their next few years it does not seem likely. This is another game that would benefit from some fine tuning and expansion.

  • Where this game stands on it's own as one of the best of all time, it would be great to have a similar experience on the newer gaming consoles. The PS2 was pushed to it's limits with this titles and with a more powerful console, the possibilities become even greater.

  • Though divisive, I think this game more than deserves a second shot for the pure reason that it is something very different in a market full of shooters. The artistic design is something that stands out on it's own. A second crack at the controls would help fine tune what some found playable and others could not deal with. The universe of this game is a place I would like to revisit and hope it comes to fruition.

  • Brutal Legend had great style, voice acting, story, and a great soundtrack. But, with gameplay that could not find an identity most of the time it was tough for some to get into the higher level gameplay. I did enjoy the fusion of strategy and hack and slash but would like to see what a little more tweaking can do for this unique experience.

  • For such a highly regarded game, it shocks most that this has not been spun into a sequel already. I would like to think with the HD version hitting Xbox live arcade there are plans to make a full-blown sequel some time in the near future. It is hard to talk about this game without spoiling what makes it great, so spend the 10 bucks if you have not already.

  • This game needs more refinement than anything. It would be a great social platform were this game to be tied in with something like itunes/zune and facebook.

  • I actually just picked this up again a few months back and was able to hit the same crazy combos I did when it was first released. A proper remake or a current-generation sequel would be a welcome addition in a market full of shooters. I also need to specify that the gameplay stands on it's own so there is no need for ride board support.

  • I chose lumines live more because of the potential that was never seen from this game. There were promises of skins and updates all the time. I actually had a great time playing this online with friends and could see this being expanded and perfected. The soundtrack was very good but once again needs expansion.