Time Vampire Games

These are games that you can play for what seems like a hour and in fact it has been an entire evening. 

List items

  • I chose this first because of the amount of time you can put into each class and map and still not feel like you have touched all the content. Not to mention, valve has continued to give more and more to the community.

  • This is the perfect of example of a game that gives you too much to strive for with very little direction after a certain point. It is also a relaxing game that is very pleasant to spend a lot of time playing.

  • "One more game" is the best way to describe this game. With the addition of the leaderboards right in the menus, you can spend hours trying to top scores.

  • It is possible to pick a direction and walk for an hour each time you play and end up stumbling upon an endless amount of content. In addition to what comes on the disk, there is a huge amount of downloadable content to enjoy.

  • Where the campaign is fun on it's own, the co-operative nature of the horde mode can lead to marathon sessions with Gears of War 2.

  • I think it is pretty obvious why this is a time killer. It is possible to spend hours just trying to perfect a single combo to bring back online against strangers or friends. To this day, nothing beats an evening of local Street Fighter competition with friends. Trash talking is a must.

  • I am adding this to my time vampire list after looking at my recent game clock. With the addition of the Vietnam expansion any fan of this game would agree with me.

  • I am glad I held out for the game of the year edition. It is a terrific bargain and includes all the DLC packs. Playing both solo and alone makes for some long evenings and a great way to unwind from a tough day at work. The loot-lust alone will have you thinking about this game all day.