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I'm posting here but what I'm looking for might already be available in the current API and I simply overlooked (because it seems like what I'm doing is a bit overcomplicated compared to my very simple goal).

Basically I want, every few days, to execute a batch that retrieves all the Xbox 360 and XBLA games, along with their genre tags and their release date.

So right now I have to do it like this (there are some extra internal things for caching and such, but this is complete as far as the API is concerned):

  1. Get the list of games (/games/), filtering using "platforms" and "field_list" for id/game
  2. Get game details (/game/id), filtering using "field_list" for id, name, releases and genres
  3. Get release details (/release/id), filtering using "field_list" for game, platform and release_date

Could this be done in a simpler way? My main issue is really with the release date, which causes a lot of extra queries when that info could be available directly in /game/.

And if it can't be done, could it possibly be added to the API that the releases information for /game/ includes the platform, because some old games have been released on tons of platforms and in the end I have to do 20 or queries to find the right release...