The ridiculous list of all the games I've ever played...

So, this is never going to come to fruition, but taking the Giant Bomb survey which contained a question on how many video games you have ever played got me thinking... 
Here is some of the fruits of that thought - in no order, other than the order which my memory gives these things to me in...I'll put the GB link in where one exists and a short description where it doesn't.  
Kane - Amstrad CPC464 - a game where you were a cowboy and had to ride horses, shoot stuff with arrows. Also, there was a train involved.  
 Sultans Maze - came with the amstrad - a terrible game that took FIFTEEN MINUTES to load. That whole fifteen minutes was spent thinking "this will be amazing". But it wasn't. It was 3d though.  
BMX Bandits    - a budget game on the C64 that my friend had - a vertical scrolling BMX game. I loved it. Even though it was terrible. 

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