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Another great game from Wadjet Eye 0

I had been anticipating this game ever since it was announced, and finished it in a seven hour sitting as soon as it came out. Most prominent is the gorgeous background art, which is extremely detailed for being so pixelated. Ben Chandler has as usual done a wonderful job breathing life into the world and its characters. The story kept me interested all the way to the credits even though it might not be the most overwhelming one from the developer. I would perhaps have preferred the difficulty ...

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Only of interest to Zarf completists 0

Rating this game as interactive fiction is a bit unfair considering its nature. It actually does a pretty good job being a text parser adaption of Icebreaker. Arcade games are however not an interest of mine, and they do not work very well in text format.With the isometric projection of the original game, the player can quickly get an overview of what is going on. In the text version, the claustrophobic sensation of only knowing what is adjacent to you is somewhat exciting at first. Interpreting...

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I feel cheated 0

I am not sure what I expected, but this is not satisfying. Apart from a nice soundtrack and some credible comments by the first character, the game has nothing to offer me. The graphics are very crude, puzzles are non-existent and the abruptly ending plot is nothing but confusing red herring. When reading about and deciding to buy Epanalepsis, I got the impression it would be heavily focused on narrative. The first chapter did initially feature quite a few observations from the protagonist that ...

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The beginning of something great 0

This is the first game I helped crowdfund that reach publication, and I am very pleased with the result of my little investment. Gorgeous hand-drawn backgrounds, a chilling dark plot, believable sinister characters and some convincing voice acting combine to a truly immersive experience. Animation is perhaps a bit too choppy, but it fits the art much better than rendered objects would have. In fact, the great looking character artwork is probably what contributes most to giving the game a genuin...

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Decent Monkey Island tribute 0

An unmemorable plot packed in nice graphics and many classic point-and-click adventure elements. The presentation is quite nice, with obvious influences from many great works of the graphical adventure heydays. Most important for me in such games is however an immersive story to engage in, with believable characters to care about. This particular product fails entirely in that department, leaving me completely indifferent about all parts of it. There are quite a few examples of quirky humor that...

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Well polished bagatelle 0

This is a rather short game with stylish graphics and a fairly nice science fiction plot. The difficulty level is unfortunately as low as they come, with always just one obvious thing to do. I am not a proponent of extremely hard puzzles but need some kind of challenge to feel satisfied. The non-playable characters are on the thinnest side and do not seem alive at all. That creates a feeling of this being a solitary exploration game, even though there are several examples of interactions with ot...

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Downright marvelous 2

I instantly fell in love with the detailed science fiction world of Technobabylon. The progressive plot revealed just enough in each chapter to keep me guessing almost all the way to the closing credits. All endings I found were equally satisfying, though perhaps not as gratifying as progressing before all the pieces were there. The story is quite complex, but coherent and rewarding if one pays attention. I am also impressed by the gorgeous backgrounds and captivating soundtrack. The puzzles are...

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