Red Dead Excitement


I don't think I have gotten this excited about a game in a long time. And I really have no reason to be. I never even played the original. But ever since the first trailer, the super cinematic one with the banjo beginning, the $70 was already spent.  
The character talking about his time in the west. Time battling the Indians (tough men), and how he has buried more of his children than he has raised. And when one character says "No one needs to kill anyone Bill..", all of this just resonated with me on a level I didn't  even know I had. And that's just the single player.  
Recently, they came out with a couple trailers for the online multiplayer that knocked me off my feet. The first is the usual match types. Deathmatch, capture the ________, ect. Each starting off with a "Quick Draw" to see who gets the upperhand. This is a pretty neat idea that I don't think I have seen before in other games. It might get old after a while, but points for trying new things.  
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The second thing these trailers got me excited for...was the "lobby". A free roam version of the game, where you can posse up, and ride around doing free roam challenges. They consist of clearing out hideouts, evading the law, hunting animals, or just riding around being badass.  
There is even a rumour that you can just go play a bunch of horse shoes. Who knows what else Rockstar has jammed into this free roam mode, but it is quickly becoming the thing I seem to be spending most of my time in.  
Once seeing these robust online features, I texted my Colorado buddy and said "we have got to get this". He took a look around the internet for it, and he agreed almost instantly.  
The game very well may be garbage. But I am giving Rockstar the benefit of the doubt, and am hoping more than I have ever hoped before.

Blur Multiplayer Demo

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Demos are  a wonderful thing.  
I would have never even thought about playing Blur at all. But when finishing up the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops left us with the need for something to play, this has filled the void. And it's not even the full game.  
The types of races, the weapons and the absolute mayhem of the 20 people events is a blast. Top it all off by a leveling up system of fans (XP) that opens new race types, cars and mods and you have a good package that makes you feel like you are always accomplishing something, even when you get blasted and end up in last place.  
The only gripe I have against it is the lobby system. It seems crazy that in a world where the party system exists that developers would choose anything else. When a connection problem happens (it is a beta after all) and I get bumped away from my party mates, it's a cumbersome routine to get back together. If we could move from game to game as a party with a leader (much like the halo) I could go to a different race type, and have them follow me.  
Hopefully this is something being talked about on the beta forum and might be addressed. 
Aside from that, I look forward to the game. This demo has probably secured my 70 bucks, and at least a couple others on my friends list. It would be great to see this more often. 


Yeah, Halo is great and all. But having to redo every mission because I quit the game the wrong way is crap