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Sony NGP - What to call it?

I paid how much for more bitter disappointment? 
I paid how much for more bitter disappointment? 

Now that we’ve seen what Sony has planned for the sequel to their sometimes controversial portable, the second most important question unanswered remains what to call it?   Similar to “Project Natal” and Nintendo’s “Revolution”, “NGP” is just a place holder for whatever the marketing team comes up with.   Now, I was not a huge fan of Sony’s last attempt at naming a handheld, the “Go” so I hope those responsible for entitling the system are a little more creative.   I believe they shouldn’t just tag it as the "PSP2" even though that has some market recognition, because this new system feels like a huge leap over that platform.   And, since the thing will probably cost an arm and a leg, it deserves a name befitting such extravagance. (I kid, I kid)


 Here are a few ideas I had:

The Sony Glee

 ~ I know, it immediately brings to mind FOX’s TV series, but I think it also imparts a feeling of fun.  The name is short and memorable, too.   “Glee” rhymes with “free” which recalls “freedom”; the freedom to game on the move.   Yeah, the first PSP also had a problem with “free”, but that association could work to this new portable’s benefit as well.   I’m sure some people will buy it hoping (waiting) for the platform to be jail-broken, so they can build a new library of ill-gotten games.

The Sony Omni

 ~ The prefix means “all” or “everything” and since Sony’s marketing slogan these days is “It Does Everything”, they could apply it to their latest project.   This new system does have many more bells and whistles on it and with the potential to be that portable console experience, everything is an apt description.   Also, Omni was once the name of a magazine about technology and science a few decades ago.   For some of us, the prefix sounds futuristic.

The Sony Push

 ~ With multiple tactile sensors in addition to its healthy quota of buttons, the system’s extensive control options should be emphasized to the enthusiast demographic.   The word also denotes ambition, advancement and even a bit of aggression.    If Sony is going to make a better run at Nintendo as well as Apple, then they need a name with some strength behind it.   

 Julienne fries, too?
 Julienne fries, too?

Anyway, I’m not sure what the actual name will be.   Call me a cynic, but I’m pretty sure it will be something with less flair as anything I’ve mentioned.   I’m expecting something disappointing, but perhaps I’ll be surprised.   With things looking up, perhaps “Hope” is as good a title as any. 

So what do you think?  What would you name Sony's latest endeavor into handheld gaming?