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This is one of the most amazing dance scenes I've ever seen

After commenting in Raven_Sword's Best Dancer? thread I started refreshing my memory of Eleanor Powell's performances on film.  It's been a while since I've seen her stuff, but I remembered that I was completely blown away back when I was first discovering it.  Ginger Rogers and Ruby Keeler were probably more famous, but Powell was the best.  She was as good Astaire and Kelly maybe even better.  Sadly, she had a pretty brief career in Hollywood.  Only about 10 years of work equaling about 10 films although she had some appearances in later years.  Anyway, I found this on YouTube and decided to share it.  It starts off with Woody Herman's jazz orchestra and a chorus girl number that is remarkable (and painful if the dancers were men), but then at 3:35 in Powell enters and well... she dances with a horse.  I missed this movie years ago but I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it now on TCM.  

I'm not sending this to the public forums since it's basically YouTube spam, but I thought it was too cool to keep to myself.  It's not the best example of her talent, but it's just a phenomenal and curious performance.