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Where's Samus...A Gamer's IQ Test and Redirected Potential


While meandering around the web this morning, hitting all my usual haunts, I saw this article on Kotaku featuring the work of a meticulous Deviant Artist, shadow502t.   It is supposed to feature some 425 characters from 375 games.   The question asked, how many can you recognize?  

When I first looked at the collage, I was overwhelmed by the collection, but when I started to go through it slowly, I surprised myself by the number of games and characters I recognized.   I admit I was not all that good at naming each individual character.   Much like in reality, I am pretty bad with names, however, in many cases, I could associate a mystery character with a game.   For example, I don’t remember the name of the girl from Wet, but I know her when I see her.

It’s interesting just how much of this useless information I knew.   I wondered if I would fair as well in other genres.   At one time, I probably could name a lot of comic book characters, and maybe still today I’d do okay with movie icons, but I can’t be sure if any of this is a positive or not.   It’s not that I am ashamed of my game knowledge and who am I kidding, given the chance, I’d still rather play Dead or Alive then learn something useful.   This makes me wonder further about how I prioritize my capabilities.  It’s not something new and not the first time I’ve asked these questions, but every so often I need to feel a little guilty.  

Over time, I recognize that if I had spent the time I’ve played games on more productive pursuits, I might be able to speak Japanese, play piano, or fix my own car.  Then there are the altruistic pastimes that could have been accomplished more fully.   Volunteer work to better enable those with less than myself.   Oy vey, when I think too much about it I am somewhat ashamed.   On reflection, how I allocate my free time can be selfish.   But, this is all hypothetically squandered potential.   In reality, if I had never discovered gaming, never allotted so much of my entertainment time to those digital experiences, I probably would have found something equally wasteful as substitute.   I guess it comes down to how much of a better person I actually would be and how much I wish I could be.         

So how many character/games can you name and how does that make you feel?   EDIT: Sorry about the first image posting, I hope this is better.