Nerdboy Blog: 21 - Quests

I was once one of THOSE people.  You know the ones.  Acheivements/Trophies/etc. are horrible and have ruined gaming.  Well...not that bad.  I used to not see the point of them but here I am writing a blog to get a quest completed...what kind of man am I now?  Giantbomb look at what I have become D:  
actually no this is just plain awesome! Loving the new quest system. :D


Nerdboy Blog: 20 - Updates

So, it's been nearly 20 days since I've played a game.  I've gotten a CRAP ton more done though.  So I'm beginning to see the benefits of putting down the controller and picking up more productive things.  Homework, writing, reading whatever.... 

The school front, being Senior year, it's getting tough to keep wanting to actually go to school.  I just want to be done with it.

My writing has increased TEN FOLD since New Years and it's going VERY well which is good.  So I'm hoping to keep that going.

A goal I set for myself this year (one of many) was to read 5 new books.  In school we did an overview of Hamlet.  I really enjoyed it and plan on picking up the book sometime in the next few days.  I also will be picking up Fight Club to read (I feel like I HAVE to read it so I know what so many people are talking about and it sounds awesome :D)  So while on that topic...any other books any of you all might recommend??? 

Back to Killzone 2 is apparently really shaping up to be something awesome isn't it?  That's good.  Once next year rolls around I think I'll have a nice list of games to be playing :P

I got a new laptop too!  My old PC finally kicked the can a week ago so I went out and picked up a pretty nice laptop.  Runs really well (and to be honest I like Vista :D).

That's all I can think of really... how have you all been???


Nerdboy Blog: 18 - Super Special Amazing Christmas Edition!

So Christmas has come and gone as have yet another year.  This year for me I really didn't care too much about getting things and all that good stuff.  I was much more focused on remembering the reason my family celebrates Christmas....but that is a WHOLE other conversation.  I have what I want in life so I just told my parents to be creative...seeing as now that I'm 18 this is the last year they'll actually get me a lot of stuff anyways.

SO I could tell you what I got.  But why do that when I can show you in the usual Nerdboy fashion :D

Epic stuff
Epic stuff


Pretty big and REALLY soft.  I'm crazy about Penguins so this is a huge win in the gifts category. :D


Chocolate Penguin

It was really hard to bite into but tasted REALLY good.  Very good chocolate, it's a penguin but was a little TOO hard for my teethes liking.


Penguin Flash Drive 4GB

Yeah it's the one from my past blog.  Parents made me wait until Christmas for it.  4GB of storage is a major plus and it works like a charm.  Plus it's a penguin.


Penguin Tissues


1/10 (only because there's a penguin on it)

Penguin Mug

Pretty heavy, has a Penguin on one side with snow flakes around it.  Will be good for use with Hot Chocolate :)


Chuck: Season One Blu-Ray

Chuck is a very amazing show.  One of the few I actually watch these days.  Looks great on Blu-Ray though I've only yet watched the first episode.  Will also be good for watching Chuck while I wait for Season 2 to resume :D


Hancock Blu-Ray

Loved the movie.  Will Smith.  Looks great on Blu-Ray.  Will Smith. 


Pursuit of Happyness Blu-Ray

Will Smith.  Amazing Movie.  Looks amazing on Blu-Ray. 


Dualshock 3 Controller

Second Dualshock 3 which brings me to 3 total controllers.  Win for my friends here.


Nerds Candy

Love nerds candy.  But it didn't last very long. (About 2 seconds)


3 Ornament Shaped Coca-Cola's

Taste like Coke, looks like Coke, amazing just like Coke.


Marshmellow Christmas Candy

Wasn't very good.....





3 Mechanical Pencils

I needed them for I got to use one to draw a little when we lost power a few hours ago :D


Runts Candy Cane

Not a huge Runts fan.  Let my friend have it.



Needed to get me some more minutes for my phone so that helped out a good bit.


I also got me a $50 PSN card in which I picked up these games/add ons :D............

Crash Commando:

When this and Fat Princess first debued I was, to say the least, PUMPED.  I mean these two games looked AWESOME!  Crash Commando does not dissapoint.  So far I've gotten a Commando level on all the single player missions and played a couple Online Matches.  I'm absolutely loving this game and can see me playing it for quite some time to come :D


MGS/LBP Level Pack:

ZOMG the Paintanator is freaking amazing!  Also the levels are pretty sweet too!  This level pack is well worth it and makes me super excited for future level packs :D


LBP Animals Costume Pack:

One of the reasons I didn't get the MGS Costume pack was because, even though I absolutely LOVE MGS, I am pretty against paying money for costumes.  But there's a PENGUIN in this pack :D and it was also pretty cheap so I had too :P

8/10 (only because the penguin costume is epic)

Penny Arcade: On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Ep. 1:

I've played about an hour or so of this.  Loving it so far.  Though there is something about it, not quite sure what, that keeps me from being able to say that the game is absolutely amazing.  So for now, until I reach a point in the game where it gets better, it's only just pretty sweet.


Age of Booty (w/ 5 Free Map Packs)

When I first saw this game I was like meh.  When it came out I was like meh.  When I played the demo I was like ZOMG I NEED MORE!  SO I bought it and love it.  Haven't played too much of it but I'm really excited to get into the Map Creator :D


Linger In Shadows:

Ummmmm I'm still really confused as to what the heck was going on......


Well okay there you have it.  That's what I got for Christmas and how each gift ranks in my book.  How did your Christmas go???  And just a little heads up, incase you didn't catch on, I'm pretty freaking crazy about Penguins :P

Nerdboy Blog: 16 - OMG WHEN DO WE GET THIS GUYZ!?!?!

Ok.....I MUST KNOW.....I remember there were mentions of a GiantBomb Store.....but this is it man....After seeing this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
I HAVE TO KNOW....when can I order that!?!?!??!?!?!  Because I MUST have it.....

Nerdboy Blog: 15 - Some more random stuff...


So I can't bring myself to play anything else BUT this game.  I've got Fallout 3 and I've got Dead Space...not to mention WipEout HD and MegaMan 9 to play.  LBP still has it's grip on me.  Usually I can juggle games easily but this time I can't break away from LBP.  I find myself wasting sooo much time just playing user created levels and creating my own.  My friends hate this game.  (No they haven't played it :P)  They say quote "it won't last", "So it has physics...whoop de doo", "Sounds dumb" or my personal favorite "GAY"

Well I'll tell you right now...just from what I have experienced the past few days....LBP WILL last....the physics are great and it is most certainly not dumb....the last quote was from a fanboy so we'll try to forgive his ignorance... :D


So as of today my stash of snacks is gone :(  The last box of Mike and Ikes didn't last long during the most recent session of LBP.  According to my dad I'll be having some shrimp alfredo in the coming days though so I guess that makes up for it :D

Mirror's Edge:



Soooo....I've been working on this book for most of this year....and sadly I haven't actually written any more to it for the past few weeks but luckily as of last night I've been writing a lot and am still hoping to finish it before the end of this year.  I'd like to get it published but I do realise that it is very unlikely but either way when I'm finished you all will know....if anyones interested I'll go into more detail about it.....

Resistance 2:

So I have the Collector's Edition of Resistance 2 preordered....sadly my parents are paying for it as a birthday gift so my dad has informed my I'll have to wait to play birthday is December 7th so that kind of stinks....but as I've mentioned earlier....LBP has me wrapped up now.  And hopefully I'll be able to break away from that to play some other this waiting period shouldn't be too bad....just none of you better be spoiling the story for me or else!

That's about it.  Not as exciting as my last blog post but it's kind of hard to beat that. 

Nerdboy Blog: 14 - The blog you've been waiting for...except not.

Ok so let's just start with this.  A HOLY FREAKING CRAP WHAT A WEEK IT'S BEEN!

Now that that's over with.  Lets get to what's important.  I've got LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3 and snacks.  Resistance 2 is in one week and I'm set to go.  No school till after election day so I've got all the time in the world.

First PICTURES! :D  The following is everything i've picked up recently in preparation for this glorious week.  Plus I threw Dead Space in there for the fun of it. :D

Fallout 3 CE
Fallout 3 CE
Swedish fish w00t
Swedish fish w00t
LBP and Snacks :D
LBP and Snacks :D

Ok so the whole point of this blog is really for impressions.

Fallout 3

So last night we went out for the midnight release and waited quite some time to get our hands on this game.  Played till 5 in the morning and went to bed.  I'll tell you the only problem with the PS3 version I ever really have gotten upset about is whenever someone logs on or off or sends you a message the game does stop for like a second...but not even this can take away from this great game.  I found my self wrapped up in this game and this is coming from someone who really did not like Oblivion. 

So far Fallout 3 is looking to be another great game but there's still a lot to go so I can't tell yet.  A patch would be nice yes but right now I really have no problems with this game that would make me say that it's not worth it....oh and yeah VATS is amazing and really makes this game all worth it :D

Dead Space: 

Never got a chance to post impressions on this so I figure now would be a good time.  It is the "Bioshock of 2008".  The story is surprisingly very good.  The gameplay is top notch.  THe sound is UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE.  IN fact I have absolutely no complaints about this game.  Not saying it's perfect but well....coming from EA I NEVER would have expected it.  Either way that's ALL I'm going to say.  YOU owe it to yourself to go out and BUY this game.  YOU will NOT regret it.


My snack choice has worked out quite well for me.  I've only went through a small portion of it so far so I think this will last for quite some time.  :D  Plus I LOVE Swedish Fish.

LBP Strategy Guide:

This is the only strategy guide I've ever bought and it was worth every penny.  The creation portion is superb and really really helped me out on some things.  I recommend it to everyone.


So turns out this game lived up to the hype...or so it would seem.  With the exception of the server issues this game still finds ways to blow me away.  THe story levels ended up being some of the most amazing things I've seen.  I'm absolutely loving the creation portion of it.  And from the community levels I was able to play I could tell that we are going to be getting some VERY great levels from the community.  In particular I believe the level is called Azure Palace....if you haven't played it.  It's really really really great :D

Also if you have the game I'd like a very certain feedback about my level LittleBigNinja.  I've had some of my friends play it...and they've had an EXTREMELY hard time passing it...some couldn't.  So if you get a chance to check it out let me know if the level is too hard and I'll see if I can tone it down a tiny bit.  I want people to enjoy my level not break controllers over it :D


Nerdboy Blog: 12 - Blog of HOLY CRAP I NEED SNACKS!


So in one week I'll be done with school until November 4th :D....and during that break I'll be getting LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3 and Resistance 2.  SO just now I realized I need something...I need....SNACKS!!!!!  So I've done a lot of thinking and formed a list of snacks I'll be picking up so when I am locked away in my room enjoying some amazing games I have something to eat :D

First off....DRINKS:

I was going to go with Soda but that just didn't seem right....I don't know.  So I decided to go with this....
ONE GALLON!!!1101101
ONE GALLON!!!1101101

Next up....SNACKS:

This one was tough.  I needed something very good...something quick and easy....something that wouldn't get my hands all sticky and after much deliberation I have compiled the following list of amazing snacks :D


Greatest thing ever
Greatest thing ever


Second Greatest thing ever!
Second Greatest thing ever!


No snacking splurge is complete without them!
No snacking splurge is complete without them!


I saw this while browsing the web and simply couldn't resist...sure the sour ones will leave my hands not very clean but I'll just save those for my non-gaming moments :D
It's just soooo awesome!
It's just soooo awesome!

In Conclusion:

So there is my list of things that I should be picking up just after I pick up LBP and Fallout 3 (assuming that those will probably be the same day now).  Now it's your turn.  We are all facing a wave of games coming out are you facing the storm?  What drinks and snacks are you getting???  THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW SO COMMENT :D

P.S. - If the pictures here don't pop out can you tell me how to do that step by step cause I still can't figure it out :D
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