Best of 2009

Pepsicolaboy: Best of 2009
...Clearly I only edited this list to retroactively earn the GB XP for a list with 10 items....... 
Still, I fully stand by this list of exceptional games. What a year 2009 was. I still play about half of these games regularly.

List items

  • The amazing thing about this game is that I already look back upon it with those same fuzzy feelings of excitment and satisfaction that classic games from my childhood conjure. Whats that classic game im fondly remembering? Link to the Past? MGS? FF7? maybe some Planesape? maybe some Half Life? It couldnt be Chrono Trigger? Nope - Why, its Uncharted 2!

    One of my favourite games Ive had the pleasure of playing.

  • You know, at some stage this year, I actually made the heretical decision that PC gaming was behind me.

    I was wrong.

    I love this brilliant, thankfully (finally) hardcore RPG. Its almost like im 14 again.

  • Say what you wnat about the controls, but this game has a place all of its own in my 2009 for so many different reasons. I put nearly 50 hours into this games online, and I still enjoy it today. Blew me away in more than a few respects.

    Kilzone 3, day one.

  • The feel, the look, the delivery, everything about this game is pitch perfect and most of all; 1 for new IP!

    2009's Dead Space.

  • Probably the game that finally convinced me that this whole 'online console gaming' stuff might actually be better than, Unreal Tournament was fun though.

    Wonderfully polished game.

  • Although Ill have to kindly ask my copy of Dragon Age to let me play a little more of this game, theres just so many good things about this 'rough around the edges' little gem of a game; fun as HELL.

  • Its only been out for a little bit, but ive been waiting all year for this game.

    Aside from Shadow Complex and Braid, this game is probably the best example I can think of for why this whole 'small time developer using digital distribution over PSN/XboxLive' thing is a BRILLIANT thing to have happened.

  • Doesnt even approach RE2 in my books, nor did the stupid mini-side-by-side-and-below split screen co-op give me any reason to rethink my favourite games of all time list....

    But I played all of this in like 2 sittings. More fun than it is scary, I feel like I still have a little time left for this game. More RE please.

  • For whatever reason, Ive come to really love my Playstation this year. Actually, scratch 'for whatever reason' and insert - thanks to imaginative and beautiful games such as this one.

  • Held off on this game until it came out on PSN. Its Amazing.