Games that I wont win any friends for liking...

I feel like its time I clarified the idea behind this list. 
The title refers to the idea that either by virtue of their general awfulness (Diakatana) or thanks to their IMMENSE popularity (Gears 2) - people I know have tended to go all silent when I start talking about these games. In the case of Gears, its clearly because some people consider the game too 'mainstream' and hence dont want to be associated with it (or in turn me, for openly loving Gears). Daikatana speaks for itself (its not great) etc. 
The most confusing game here is probably Super Probotector - which is the australian version of Contra 3: The alien wars. The game features robot protagonists rather tan humans, presumably as some kind of concession to european consorship laws (or something). Either way, its not really Contra 3, but its the version I grew up with and its the one I prefer. Which is, I suppose, madness to most people. 
Anyway - hopefully you get the idea. Its the opposite of liking say, Chrono Trigger or something, a game people universally respect without exeption (and in turn, you too for liking it). 

List items

  • Whatever. When I finally played some of this game, I pretty much enjoyed it.

    Now, 'pretty much enjoyed it' isnt exactly a glowing endorsement - but considering the negativity that surrounded this game at the time, I feel like the game itself suffered undue critisism and a terribly harsh backlash that probably belonged to Romero, Ion Storm and Eidos, not the game itself.

    Sure it was irrelevent, dated, looked terrible and had been promised to delived something similar to what I expect jesus will be bringing along for the second coming....but i liked it. (FACE PALM)

  • In the back of my mind, I DO know this game is utterly average. I do.

    But the first time I played this game was almost poetically destined to be a memorable and positive experience, and I guess I cant shake my emotional ties to this game.

    You see, after 4 years of Uni, and nearly an entire year off (working), I FINALLY bought myself my very own computer. With my own money. And it was exactly the computer I wanted, and It was devastatingly fast (still is, though depressingly less so). Crysis was of course, the first game I played on it and remains the most thorough work out my machine has ever recieved. It was a joyus time.

    To adress the games particulars seems largely beside the point to me, but my experience with this game was epic. One of the most impressive and immersive shooters Ive ever played - if only because I couldnt take my eyes of the glorious, glorious pictures on the screen.

  • This might seem like a ridiculous addition to this list - so let me clarify: To me, the Contra series is a bunch of SNES games starring sweet as man-mechs called PROBOTECTORS. But there is no link to Super Probotector on GB... hence the contra image and link.

    For some reason, I have no affinity for the Contra series, probably because Ive never properly played one.

    What you cant shut me up about however, is Super Probotector. I love that damn game and I played about 3000hrs of it when I was a kid.

    In short, no one likes the kid that hates on Contra but dotes on Probotector - hence, for this entry; Im not going to win any new bff's.

  • Again, on this particular list, this ones a little obscure. Oh but please read on...

    You see, a whole bunch of my closest friends are arty, over-educated and self important wankers (much like myself, lol).

    If this doesnt clarify the situation for you - some people I know consider this game with the same dismissive and obnoxious air that a wine conossieur considers moonshine. Granted, this IS a mainstream, mass marketed, macho, testosterone laden and simple game - but good god its fun. I absolutely love this game, both more than I thought I would and maybe even more than people could readily discern.

    But boy oh boy, try and bring it up around certain people and watch the eyes roll. If im not talking about Okami or Heavy Rain, then they're not listening. BOLLOCKS. Marcus Fenix is my homeboy.

  • You know what? I hated Raiden too. I wasnt even a regular reader of games journalism back then, so it was a complete and utter suprise to me, perhaps even more so than for the ordinary MGS fan. Not to mention the fact that I literally purchased my PS2 with and for this game.

    But I defy anyone to deny this game was mind-blowing at the time. MIND BLOWING. Im not going to detail the whether too's and the why-for's, but I wanted to play this game again and again and again. Yet I find myself defending it to this day, which is a real shame.