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Characters I'd Gladly Push Off a Cliff

Sometimes there are characters who just have it coming. They're bad people/things that haven't really done the best job at existing and because of that have made your time dealing with them, even electronically a living hell. These aren't necessarily bad written, badly acted, or even badly-conceived characters; these are just ones whose existences would intrinsically make me (very glady) commit felonious things to them if given the chance. Nobody asked me to like them; so I won't.

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  • I hear Ai becomes tolerable. I say hear because I've never had the patience to actually bond with her and put up with all of her bitchiness beyond the first two levels of her Social Link. When she and Yukiko got into a bit of a tussle in my run, that was a major warning sign (and a great opportunity to spend a day with a much better person), but once I was made to be her shopping mule, I called it quits. There are lots of other guys in Yasogami High who would probably love to be her lacky, but god dammit, my protagonist isn't going to be one of them.

  • In this instance, I'm referring to the very first one you can encounter in Super Mario Bros. You know you've gotten killed by it before by being just a bit too absentminded. It might not be entirely his fault, but you know, if he just hadn't been RIGHT THERE, Mario probably would have lived just a little bit longer.

  • This guy can never hope to be like Oak. I mean, dude, he's named after an ELM tree. I dunno if you've ever seen one, but having grown up with them, those things suck and are a pain to get rid of. Much like this professor, who apparently stopped doing research the moment you got that Totodile from him and just calls you for results about what YOU'RE doing, rather than accomplishing them himself. I don't think anyone will miss him.

  • Pichu was pushing it in the excessive amount of Pikachus department (there should only be one), but the introduction of Plusle and Minum in Ruby and Sapphire was just over the line. Did anybody really ever use them, let alone need them? It's with that in mind that I'd gladly eradicate both species entirely, if ever given the chance.

  • For those first several hours where you're getting accustomed to DOA 2's fighting mechanics, this guy is hell to deal with, even on the easiest difficulty level. Seth might have eventually come to replace him in terms of notoriousness, but that doesn't mean Tengu's mental damage is any less, retrospectively or today.

  • This is mainly in the event that she ever came back to life as a zombie in the official canon. We'd have to make sure she was dead for real so mourning fans could actually have a chance to move on at some point in their lives.

  • For the record, I'm specifically referring to Luke as he is for the first 15 or so hours of the game, but he's enough an asshole during that stretch of the plot that I would very, very happily do bad things to him as vengeance for him being an even worse person. Spoiled rotten, inconsiderate, and downright ignorant, he made me glad the game let me play as characters OTHER than him in battle.