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Games Purchased in Tokyo Summer 2009

This is the list of games I acquired in my trip to Tokyo during the summer of 2009. The majority of them are probably from Super Potato in Akihabara, but there are probably other sources, too.

List items

  • When you have a Famicom, you can't neglect having a copy of Tetris for it when you love the puzzler as much as I do. Beings as it was only 105 yen, it's a very easily justifiable purchase.

  • Dude, the Japanese version of Fighting Vipers has a playable version of Pepsiman in it. HOW COULD I NOT GET A COPY!?

  • What with the purchase of Persona 3's, FES', and 4's soundtracks, it looks as though this trip to Tokyo, when it comes to personal souvenirs, is a heavily Atlus-influenced one. Soul Hackers may not be a Shin Megami Tensei title in name, but its implied connections to the larger franchise is enough to justify my getting a copy of it, especially at only 180 yen for a mint one.

  • This game has always intrigued me somewhat. The gameplay is a bit blase, but as the only non-Mario Paint title in the Mario series that uses the SNES mouse, it still holds a special place in my heart because of its oddball nature. Finding a copy for 50 yen made it an easy purchase to go for.

  • If used game stores in the US also had the equivalent of 105-yen bins lying around in spades, I guarantee you that those would be the death of me. Such is the origin story of how a Japanese copy of Um Jammer Lammy came to be in my possession.

  • I got a copy of Vib Ribbon a few years ago. After finding a copy of this, its quasi sequel, for really cheap, I suppose I'm now on a quest to complete the series and track down a copy of Mojib Ribbon. I suppose once I own all three, a hole to the center of the earth will open up or something, given that all three games are dramatically different in gameplay.

  • I saw a copy at Super Potato for 200 yen. Recalling that people generally liked it, I thought it probably wasn't a bad investment at all.

  • Fragile always looked like a potentially neat game that I was somewhat hesitant to pay full price for just in case the execution wasn't as good as the trailers wanted it to be. That said, since I managed to find a copy for 950 yen at a local Book Off, I figured it was a much safer gamble than before, so I bought it. Here's hoping it's a neat game when I get back and can finally give it a whirl.

  • True story: I got this game because I needed change to do laundry. Now while I like to think I can do alright at conducting business in Japanese, asking for change from one incremental amount to another is something I never learned. So, long story short, I bought a copy of the Japanese version of Virtua Copy for 150 yen just so I could get a bunch more 100 yen coins in exchange. Yayz.

  • First game I got with my Famicom. It really deserves more love as a puzzle game. It's not as deep as Tetris, but that's fine with me.

  • It was 200 yen in Super Potato. When considering the NTSC cartridge tends to be a bit more pricey, I thought it couldn't hurt. I liked it back in the day anyway and already have an adapter for the system.

  • I've played the translated version before and found it to be pretty entertaining, even if the difficulty curve is indeed high. Because I love the recent Persona games so much, I thought I'd pay a bit of respect and get one of its predecessors, especially since it was really cheap for a boxed copy.

  • I like Ghost in the Shell quite a bit, although that's almost entirely with regards to the TV series and not the movies. Usually I'd prefer getting an English version of the game since I actually like that voice acting, but hey, at 105 yen, I'm not gonna be picky.

  • Apparently this was called "Rebus" in Japan for some reason. Pretty much only got it because it was an Atlus game I had never heard of and, you guessed it, the game was 105 yen. Not too shabby, I'd say.

  • It was 50 yen used at a local Sofmap. I have no high expectations about the game's quality at all, but simply got it because I wondered what the hell you could do with a Seven Samurai adaptation that has "20xx" in the titles. Yayz.