Pepsiman's Neglected Reviews

This is probably true for most everyone that plays and writes about games in a non-professional capacity, but I tend to play and complete a lot more games than what I actually get around to reviewing. But sometimes there are games that I mean to or otherwise really want to review, yet am ultimately unable to formerly address in a timely manner due to any number of circumstantial reasons. Since I still like to have my thoughts on them written down in some capacity, though, I figured, why not do a list? And that's where we're at now. This list seeks to codify my basic thoughts about a game without spending the time and length necessary to do a proper review. Focusing mainly on games I previously meant to review or whose reviews I never otherwise finished and published, entries on this list garner a typical 1 to 5 stars as per the norm on Giant Bomb and a brief paragraph outlining my opinion on a game. This list can also potentially include games I've just completed and know I won't end up properly reviewing, but those will likely be in the minority.

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