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My Top 5 of 2010 So Far

5. Battlefield Bad Company 2
4. Bioshock 2
3. Heavy Rain
2. MLB 10 The Show
1. Darksiders
Really surprised by how much I liked Darksiders. Sure it may have been derivative, but if it rips off the BEST parts of GOOD games, and ads some new wrinkles on its own, it can't possibly be bad.. I haven't played enough God of War 3 yet to know if it will crack my Top 5 yet, but I doubt it.
Heavy Rain wasn't a great game for many reasons. The story had crazy implausibilities. The voice acting was very hit and miss. And sometimes I had no clue what motions I was supposed to make. But somehow, it still managed to make me care about the characters, and what was going to happen next. And that's what was important.