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Yes, a couple times.

I waited in the returns department at a Wal Mart for 10 hours for the Xbox 360. It was rough because it was the same Monday night as a Vikings vs Packers, Monday Night Football game. The electronics clerks couldn't put the game on any of the TV's, so everyone in the store waiting for 360's (they only had 10, 2 premiums and 8 cores) stood by the XM Radio display to listen to it on the radio.

I got there at 2 p.m. and was second in line, and got the last ticket for a premium system. The #3 guy in line, who showed up at about 4 p.m., tried all night to get my ticket. He offered me $300 for it, and I said no.

I also waited in line for about 2 hours at a GameCrazy for Halo 3. Got home at about 1 in the morning and played it all morning until I had to go to class at 1 p.m.