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The Top Five Space Jam Remixes.

The 1996 hip-hop classic "Space Jam" by Quad City DJ's needs no introduction, but I will give it one anyway. It was the theme song of the Looney Tunes/NBA film "Space Jam", and it is clearly the most memorable thing from the film. It's a simple song, but it still builds hype like few other songs can. If you go to a basketball game where this isn't played over the PA at some point, that is not a real basketball game.

  In recent years, the internet has done what they are the best at: making a good thing even better. Possibly inspired by the countless Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remixes (see: the internet meme of " Fresh Prince theme song goes with anything"), the internet got cracking on making a HUGE amount of Space Jam (aka "Slam Jam") remixes, mashing up the Quad City DJ's hit with...well, pretty much everything.
Not all of the remixes workwell, and it's understandable. Not everyone has the knack for crafting a truly great Space Jam remix. But in the words of Charles Barkley:
"If you can't slam with the best, than jam with the rest."
And jam with the rest is what I will do here, by sharing my favorite Space Jam remixes. These will be mostly video game related, since that is what I'm familiar with. Let's kick it off.
5. Super Space Jam 64- Space Jam vs. Super Mario 64 
     I have to commend this remix because it is very well edited. Not only were the tracks slowed so they could mesh together well, the creator also chose to omit the female vocal part to keep the overall "flow" of the song going. Great stuff. 
4. Cheetahjam- Space Jam vs. Cheetahmen 
     One of the most iconic songs from one of the worst video games ever plus Space Jam? Like chocolate and peanut butter.
3. Chemical Jam- Space Jam vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 
     Short, but sweet. This remix is probably the most heavily inspired by the "Fresh Prince goes with everything" meme, as it takes the popular formula of mashing up a song with a classic Sonic the Hedgehog track. I don't know why, but Sonic the Hedgehog songs lend themselves well to these goofy remixes.
2. Marvel vs. Slamcom 3: Victory- Space Jam vs. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 
     This song is a relative newcomer on the Space Jam remix scene, but it has gotten a lot of attention fast because of how amazingly well these songs mash with minimal editing. It has been used  in tournament promo vids and seems to have made a name for itself outside of the Slam Jam circle just for being so well made.
1. Viva La Slam- Space Jam vs. Coldplay 

     This doesn't really fit with the rest of the list, as it is the only Space Jam remix that isn't video game related. However, "Viva La Slam" deserves the #1 spot and the highest praise for being one of the best Space Jam remixes on the internet. It holds the honor of being one of the chosen few that STARTED the entire fad of mashing up Space Jam with random songs.
And let's be honest here. If you can make Coldplay sound good, you have done something AMAZING.
There you have it, my top 5 favorite Space Jam remixes. There are more of these going onto the internet every day, so who knows? Maybe there's even a top 20 in the future? Top 100? A limited run CD of every single Space Jam remix on Youtube?
You know, if someone else does it. That's a lot of work and copyright infringement that I'm not sure I'm willing to go through. Keep on Slamming, my friends.