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Fallout 4 Review 0

Welcome back to the wasteland, vault-dweller.There’s a unique brand of excitement that follows the announcement of an open world Bethesda game. Sure, they launch with more bugs than there are in the Amazon, but no other game matches the level of freedom and intricacy Skyrim or Fallout 3 boast. Almost every item can be taken. Almost every character can be killed. They’re worlds with seemingly endless possibilities. Fallout 4 checks all the boxes for what to expect from a Bethesda open...

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD 0

I had mixed feelings about The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker when I first played it back in 2003. On one hand, it was a fascinating departure from a series that had always taken place in the grassy fields of Hyrule. A vast ocean that separated the dungeons and towns gave the series a sense of scope it hadn’t possessed before. It took me a few hours to gain my sea legs, but I gradually accepted the new setting with open arms — even if I left with a few thorns.Sailing between islands may...

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Quantum Conundrum Review 0

If you’ve read anything concerning Quantum Conundrum, chances are you saw the name “Kim Swift” pop up a few times. Ms. Swift, if you don’t recall, is best known as the creator of the critical darling known as Portal. But while every gaming news outlet mentions Kim Swift’s involvement with Quantum Conundrum, it’s imperative that you understand something right off the bat: This game is not Portal. Parts of it look like Portal. Parts of it play like Portal. But Portal it is not. The quicker you com...

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Mass Effect 3 Review 2

I feel kind of bad for Bioware. Up until recently, people looked at the developer almost with a sense of reverence. But when Dragon Age II released to a lukewarm reception, Bioware ceased to be the masterful storyteller that could do no wrong. So when it became official that Bioware was working on Mass Effect 3, the game inherited an atmosphere of apprehensiveness so palpable you could choke. Every announcement, preview, and trailer has been met with glaring skepticism, which is a strange testam...

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Syndicate Review 0

Syndicate is the kind of game that haunts everyone who has worn a tin foil hat in their life. The precious government we all know and love has been replaced by a handful of malevolent conglomerates who control all five of our senses with brutal efficiency. This may not be the precious isometric RTS you remember from ‘93, though Starbreeze isn’t new to spawning something fresh from old IPs.Being a scientist comes with its own set of risks.The year is 2069 and you play as Miles Kilo, a promising a...

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NFL Blitz Review 0

When EA announced it was remaking NFL Blitz, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Here was my favorite sports game of all time being revitalized by the company that has dominated the sports industry with games that thrive on realism. Needless to say, I came into this game not expecting an exact replica of the game I knew and love, and that’s one of the best things I could have done.Players burst into flames if you're on a hot streak.For the few of you who aren’t familiar with the classic Midway fr...

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Review 1

Sequels really are double-edged swords. It’s absolutely heart-wrenching to see the sequel of a game that had so much potential make the same mistakes its previous installment made before. But when a developer addresses the mistakes made in the previous game while improving everything else, the world looks just a bit better. I’m happy to say that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings belongs in the latter category.The Witcher 2 picks up a few months after the end of the first game which if you don’t ...

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review 2

Back in 2007, CD Projekt released The Witcher, a fantasy RPG based on the series of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The game was well received by critics, but suffered from a plethora of technical problems. About a year later, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition was released, either as a separate game for newcomers or as a free update for those who had already purchased the original game. The Enhanced Edition allegedly fixed many of the games bugs, costing CD Projeckt approximately $1 million. The...

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Messed Up, But in a Good Way 0

There’s been a lot of talk regarding whether or not Dead Space 2 is an action game or a horror game. People have said how there isn’t a sense of suspension or dread, and that most of the startles consist of jump-scares and intermittent loud noises—and those claims aren’t unfounded. You aren’t going to have that sense of dread you would normally experience while strolling through Silent Hill or New Jersey. What you will experience, is a gritty, disgusting, limb-dismembering ride that you’ll want ...

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Operation: Anchorage Review 0

Operation: Anchorage is the first add-on Bethesda has released for their blockbuster hit Fallout 3. The game starts off with you receiving a mysterious radio transmission from some ex-Brotherhood of Steel soldiers and making it your job to track their location and find out what's up. Turns out, there's a hidden bunker filled with weapons and armor from the conflicts in Alaska. Of course there's a catch; The only way to access the locked room is by going hooking yourself up to a computer that wil...

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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Review 0

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is a gruesome, gory, bloody pile of value. There are those who would call it a "paid demo" but  all that is really saying is they haven't picked up the game and played it themselves, because within the first 20 minutes you will find that Case Zero is a greatly satisfying stand alone title. And for five bucks, it's practically a steal.  I should probably put that first paragraph in perspective. You will be greatly satisfied by Case Zero, if you enjoyed the first Dead Risi...

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Dark Sector has a pretty face, but serious issues underneath 1

Dark Sector is an example of a video game clone gone wrong; a game that takes many of the aspects of a previous successful game (in this case Gears of War) but fails to add anything new or meaningful to the experience that would otherwise differentiate itself from the game it's copying.     The game starts you off as Hayden Tenno, a government agent sent to some part of the Soviet Union to prevent mysterious virus from destroying the world. During your mission of spalunking, you eventually find ...

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BioShock game that will haunt your mind as you wander Rapture 0

Have you ever wondered what would happen If the best and brightest of mankind lived away from the rest of society? To make a utopia unlike which the world has never seen? This is Rapture. A utopia made for only the best artists, scientists, philosophers, etc. But when you're plane crashes into the middle of the Atlantic and you find Rapture, you discover something has gone horribly wrong the instant you walk through. BioShock's story is told via audio recordings which you will find throughout th...

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A game that tries a little too hard to focus on co-op 1

Army of Two is one reminds me of one of those B-rated action movies. You have Rios, a battle-hardened soldier who looks like he's seen enough death in his lifetime, and Salem, a young spunky kid who's every other word is "bro" They start off in the army and figure out that mercenaries make a shit-load more money and apparently get to choose their own missions. This of course leads to them joining a PMC (Private Military Corporation) where they get to wear masks and pimp out their guns.  This of ...

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