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Homefront Review 0

Game: Homefront Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and [b]PC ( Reviewed )[/b] MRSP: 59.99 ( Console ) 49.99 ( PC ) Developed By: Kaos Studios Homefront puts you in the shoes of a member of the resistance movement fighting the korean occupation of the United States of America by the now unified nation of Korea under the rule of Kim Jong-un.  The premise borrows allot from the cult classic movie Red Dawn which is appropriate as the game was written by the very same person who directed and co-wr...

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Late Ass Reviews: Dead Rising 2 0

Dead Rising 2 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 [reviewed] and PC ) Released: September 28 2010 Developer: Blue Castle, and Capcom Published By: Capcom When I think of the original Dead Rising it brings up allot of mixed feelings. While I enjoyed the mindless slaughter of zombies, most of the time I found myself incredibly frustrated at the games poor survivor AI, ridiculous time constraints and incredibly difficult psychopath encounters. I found myself constantly restarting the game until ...

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Halo: Reach Review 0

Let me get this started by saying that I personally have had little love for the Halo Series in my time playing games. Other then the occasional Lan party with Halo: CE for Xbox and a brief attempt at playing through the trilogies campaigns I haven't found much reason to care about the universe or its characters. That being said with Reach being a prequel and my most recent playthrough of the ODST add on for Halo 3 Impressing me I decided to go at Reach with an open mind. Halo Reach takes pl...

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Sin and Punishment VC Review 0

 Sin and Punishment was originally released for the Nintendo 64 platform way back in the year 2000 in the land of the rising sun. Developed by Treasure and published by Nintendo the game was never released stateside for reasons which I cannot guess. Perhaps Nintendo thought it wouldn't do well in the American market back then but for whatever reason they have decided to give it a shot now 7 years later.Now my first impression of the game was a rather shocked one. I expected the game to be... wel...

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