Save Us AE

Street Fighter 4 was great, I played it but wasn't too serious about it, remember playing Geteveryone and Mubress, and not even being able to Headbutt > Ultra with Balrog. Then Super came out, an even greater game, maybe too great, like many of you I sunk hundreds of hours into that game, but all good things come to an end and people started to get burned out. 

That's where the excitement for Marvel begins, SSF4 was old, all I wanted to play was this crazy new game with new characters and a new engine. Marvel comes out and everyone cries about X-Factor and Sentinel. Think the excitement really hurt Marvel, it's not a bad game, but it could never live up to our expectations. I was fine with the game, didn't bitch like a lot of people, but got very frustrated earlier today, was getting buttfucked by jumpins, and I refuse to pick Hulk assist just to counter this crap. 
That got me thinking, you jump in SF, you get raped. The air is not a safe place. So I put Super back in for the first time in months and fell in love all over again. The footsies, the execution required (Marvel makes links seem hard again,) the emphasis on frames, all of it. Went back to Balrog, old faithful, love him, solid normals and can really bully you into the corner, Viper (again) because she was my best character in Marvel but that shit is still hard. Settled on Dudley, my links are somehow better than before which is great, lots of birdies, it's like I'm still playing Marvel in SSF4.
Now all I want is Arcade Edition, it's coming, I heard rumblings of May, just need an announcement before I go mad. Hopefully that will get people playing Super again too, I love Super but without the community its nothing. I'm super competitive, think that’s why I like the game so much, played some great guys, Vic, Gosu, Geteveryone and some Canadian assholes. Shame no one really plays anymore. Another thing that AE should do is take the spotlight off of Marvel, ease the criticism and let the game flourish.
So here's whats going to happen

  • You read this
  • Feel more inclined to play Super
  • AE gets announced
  • You get hype, start playing even more Super
  • AE comes out, update rejuvenates Street Fighter, you love it and leave Marvel alone
  • You go back to Marvel and enjoy that too
  • Both games live in harmony while everyone laughs at MK

PS: I don't hate MK, just don't see the appeal of it. Character design is absolute ass, gameplay is nothing special. Think I've figured it out, MK is for kids who go 'woooooooooah you can rip heads off' or adults who want to reminisce about going 'woooooooooah you can rip heads off.'  A few months ago people were going nuts for Marvel, look how that turned out, and Capcom have actually put out a good fighting game in the last ten years.
Thanks for reading. 



=adj. shod·di·er, shod·di·est  
1. Of poor quality or craft.
That pretty much sums up my feelings towards Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at this point in time. I was excited to say the least pre-release, but since then I've been met with a myriad of disappointments. I followed the game pretty closely in the weeks leading up to February, and two statements spring to mind. 

"There's still a lot of back-and-forth internally about it, frankly. So, at a minimum you can expect your standard online modes [for Marvel vs. Capcom 3] where you can have a friendly match or a ranked match, as well as all your offline modes. But set your expectations there and hopefully we can go in some fun new directions beyond that."

Seth Killian, August. 
Having read that, I wasn't too heartbroken about the lack of spectator mode unlike most. However, adding eight player lobbies without the spectator mode just seems a little half-arsed to me. Perhaps I shouldn't complain, it's an extra feature, but in its current state it seems like an incomplete one, and I'd probably have preffered if they didn't bother with it all. 

"Other than geographical lag, I don't see any problem in our current system"

"It's the speed of light, and maybe a little bit of influence from infrastructure depending on where you are. So, if you're playing from Japan against someone in Sweden there will be some lag due to the distance. But it's all quite satisfactory."

Ryota Niitsuma, January.
While I'm not happy with the netcode, that's not my main gripe. I've never made a game, and have no insight into the difficulties involved with creating netcode but what I do have is common sense and understanding. One of the games producers boasts about the netcode, citing the only problems as geographical. I'm getting geographical problems, far too many, because unlike SSF4 the game fails to recognise individual countries as seperate regions. Rather than being able to filter opponents to those from the United Kingdom, the best I can narrow it down to is Europe, that's 50 countries. Understand the trouble people in the US have been having for a while now but this really gets to me. Not allowing people to filter matchmaking to their own country only highlights any netcode imperfections and provides the consumer with a less enjoyable experience.
That's my first problem with the game, a lack of understanding, the second is more of a personal thing than anything else. 
I'm just not enjoying it, the competitive element isn't there, and it's all very shallow. Yes, there's a shitload of combinations of characters and assists, yes, there's an extremely open ended combo system but at the end of the day, what the game comes down to is forcing the opponent into tripping up and not blocking a move. This is where the insane level of depth comes in, but that's what it boils down to. I understand the game, but winning just isn't rewarding. Perhaps if I had more people to play with things would be different, but looking at the forums and community, it seems that I'm not alone in my experiences. Following the release of SSF4, the GiantBomb forums were full of enthuastic players, tournaments and fun, and while we're a minute portion of the consumers, Fighters live and die by their communites.
Would they liked to have worked on the game some more? Perhaps, but fundementally the game is fine, and thats all that matters to the higher ups, its all business and if the games playable they want it out, nevermind the consumer. The development team knew how much time they had, you could have given them another ten years and they still wouldn't understand what the consumer wants as far I'm concerned.
So that's the end of my rant, just wanted to document my feelings on the game, I'll be shocked if anyone's made it this far. Maybe I'll look back on this in six months in between sessions of freshly patched MvC3 and laugh, but short of that or me moving out to Cali I can't see my feelings towards the game changing.

Sports games look like shit

Decided to give the Fifa 11 demo one more play before I went to buy the full game because was still a litte unsure. Fifa is usually a day one purchase for me but how 10 looked really bugged me. These games reuse so much, menus, assets, hardly ever adding anything new. (This years new animations are nice though.) Honestly I think sports games just look bad, not just fifa, I play Madden, Tiger woods etc too. They're not horrible, but all they have to do is a pitch and the player models, no enviroments, nothing crazy, and this is the best they can come up with? Look at shit like Final Fantasy, Bioshock etc. They have to do so much more and it all looks so much better. I was playing Juventus and saw something that pretty much summed up what I dislike about sports games. On 10 there was a hair model that was messed up, dudes head would clip through it so it looked like he had a bold patch. Did they fix it? no they use the exact same hair model, no fix, still fucked up. Fuzzy edges, shorts clipping through shorts. Maybe its an age thing, cause I'd used to buy these games every year but I'd rather fuck a duck than fork out forty quid for this lazy exuse of a game this year. Probably not a big deal for most people but little stuff like that bugs the hell out of me. Guess I'll do the same as I did with Madden and skip a year. Amazes me the flak that L4D2 when shit like this still goes on.


Good Luck Have Batman

So I got a seven hour trial of Starcraft 2, played the first 3 campaign missions, then decided to jump into the practice league before the trial runs out. Dude picks Zerg, I picked Terran, was looking at a build order online as I went along because I had no idea what to do. It was pretty even, he'd send in some Zerg shit, I'd win, go to his base, get raped by these flying things, and that repeated itself about 3 times. Then 30-35 minutes into the match I figured out to build a factory, made like 6 thors, along with a shitload of marines and marauders. Went in, raped, he didn't quit so had to destroy every building which was pretty awesome. From a skill perspective it was probably the worst match of SC2 ever played, didn't think you could get worse than me but apparently I was wrong. I feel like I've got the basics down though, build order, sticking a barracks and supply things on the ramp. If you're reading this you're probably thinking what the fuck but I'm pretty pleased with winning my first match, and I enjoyed all 46 minutes of it. Now I'll have to go and buy the full game...


Why do white people suck at Street Fighter?

I'm pretty beast and I'm white, but in all seriousness, how many white pros can you think of? LI Joe....and that's about it. Loads like Jared and Darry but what have they ever won. None of the top 8 at evo were white. I don't have a problem with that, just think its interesting. In other SF news, people need to step their shit up, there's no competition on GB any more, very mediocre, amazes me when dudes say 'you have a really good Ryu.' The level of play is shocking and without more and or/better competition I along with all of you will be stuck at this shit level forever. Lastly, sell your xboxs. Wasn't long ago xbox was considered to have the best SF GB community. Now I see those same dudes saying 'Wish I had a PS3.' Do something about, buy a PS3, sell your xbox, sell your body, I don't care, you can actually participate in tournaments that end and we could use the players. The level of play really had gotten that bad. Oh and I'm thinking of doing a GB SF channel. Would collaborate with a load of other GB users, put together tutorials and shit, because all I know Is thunder thighs. Would have to get a capture card though if I want to get serious about doing it. Peace out fags, thanks for reading.  
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Why not both?

If you don’t think you can make it through 500 words I’ve summarised at the bottom, it’s definitely appreciated if you read the wall of text explaining my experiences and thoughts on the Bad Company and Modern Warfare franchises.
So I’ve been playing Call of Duty for a fair few years and since release I’ve spent 10 days (ish) playing Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. Still enjoying it, but a large part of that is down to the people I play with*.
I’ve much less experience with Battlefield. Bad Company was the first one I played and I hated it, (although in hindsight I probably should have given it more than 30 minutes,) so I was surprised when I tried Bad Company 2 on my brother’s 360 a few days ago and absolutely loved it, and am now considering purchasing it for my PS3. I was much better than I thought I’d be too, was racking up 3000+ xp per game (I’m sure that’s not very good by some of your standards but was nice for me.) I’ve tried it a few more times over the last few days and it’s still just as enjoyable, although it’s left my a little confused. The first thing I don’t understand is this ‘either/or’ mentality when it comes to online shooters, MW2 and BC2 in particular. Yes they’re both first person shooters, yes they both have a modern setting but as far as I’m concerned that’s about as far as the similarities go. The ‘feel’ of each game is completely unique. I’m yet to play on a map that resembles one from the other, game types are different, I had to bump up my sensitivity to 10 when I started playing BC2. Those are pretty bad examples but I find it hard to explain, they just aren’t the same game, and they should be treated like that rather than this attitude of shunning one game because you play the other.
The other thing that I was surprised about was the lack, yes the lack of ‘teamwork’ in BC2. I’d heard a lot about it on these forums, so was looking forward to seeing it in action for myself, but I was left disappointed. I had to keep asking my brother why the dudes sitting behind a wall shooting dudes, a few miles away from the targets had more XP than me when I’d planted 4 bombs. Don’t like that you can only talk to the dudes in your own squad either, although that wasn’t too much of a problem because no one had mics. I’m hoping these are isolated cases, and in all fairness, the only playlist I tried was rush. Don’t get the mic thing though, when I had a 360 everyone and their grandmother had a mic. The lack of killstreaks are a nice change, but it still doesn’t stop that kills over objectives mindset than many players adopt nowadays.
So to summarise, what’s with this one or other mindset when it comes to Bad Company and Modern Warfare? Is it just the lack of time to play both? Are you a huge fanboy? Or do you just not like one of the games?  
*Shib, btman, Girdz, Samir, Hazik, Steve, Fishy, Laharl, I love you all.


Heavy Rain Impressions (Possible Spoilers)

So I just got done playing a short section of the game, and I am now eagerly anticipating February 26th. I feel describing the game won't do it justice, and it's something that needs to be experienced, but I'll try my best. I played two sections; the first was as a private detective, looking for someone in an apartment to enquire about a murder. Let's be clear, this is not an action packed face paced madness from the likes of Modern Warfare 2. You'll walk around pretty slowly, perhaps too slowly, (as far as I'm aware there is no sprint or anything of the like) perform some quick time-esque events using the analogue sticks to use your asthma pump, and engage in drawn out conversations. That may not seem like much fun, but I never once found it tiresome, as I was so engaged. After all that though I did fight a dude, and the pace picked up significantly. The fight consisted on the same analogue stick motions and button presses, but this time I was required to perform them in succession at speed. Every action resulted in something, whether it be slamming the bitch through a table, grabbing his arm before he could stab me in the through with a bottle or just punching him.

The second section I played was much different. This time I was an FBI agent investigating a crime scene. There was a lot more to the gameplay, as this time you have ‘special detective glasses and a glove’ that allow you to see things the human eye normally can’t, such as blood, pollen. The glasses also have a database of...well pretty much everything. It was quite interesting, but again, slow paced and lacking action which may turn some people off. After examining the scene the gameplay came to an end.

(Trying to stay brief on plot details, don’t want to ruin it for anyone.)

The dialogue seemed good enough. During the more important conversations it’s multiple choice, but rather than choices of exactly what to say, you get a choice of actions such as pressure, trick etc. Fortunately, the voice acting wasn’t awful.

The controls seemed a little awkward, but perhaps I’ll get used to them. Both of the analogue sticks are used to perform actions. That means that whenever you want to walk, which unsurprisingly is fairly often, you’ll need to hold down R2. Certain sections of the game require a button press, followed by another press whilst still holding down the previous button. This is where the controls got awkward for me, often finding my hands in impossible positions In order to progress, but I suspect this will become easier with time.

I really like the look of the game too. I’m not going to say it’s the best looking game ever, but it’s certainly not bad. One part in particular that comes to memory is the flashing ambulance lights in the dark of night during a torrential downpour; it looked great.

I really can’t speak highly enough of what I played, reading what I just wrote seems like nothing special, but in practice when experiencing it the game is something else. I suspect opinions of the game will be divided, similar to how opinions of MGS4 varied, with some describing it as bland, boring, and nothing special but if you give the game a chance and have some patience you could a completely unique video game experience. I for one can not wait, Heavy Rain has gone from an exclusive PS3 game that is apparently decent to a must buy for me.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading, I realise I wrote a fair bit.