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I became a gamer accidentally.

First of all I was a farmer since 2003 I guess, of course I live in a province where people don't know anything about video games. In 2009, I started to feel weak, so I went to a doctor and they find out that there's something wrong with my body. They told me to stop my work, so no more farming. 2010, I decided to move to a city where people are more social and that is where I started to use computer.

Get to know me

  • Gamer since 2010.
  • 5'3" is my height.
  • Hospitalized on July 16, 2013. Recovered in July 22, 2013.
  • One of the painting I remember since childhood was Dogs Playing Poker.
  • Once wounded by a sharp paper.
Wearing long pants and jackets.