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Graphically competent but boring 0

First of all, let me get the positives out of the way: this game looks very good. A lot of the environments are lush and give a nice sense of scale. Unfortunately, this is let down by the abysmal camera work. This development team have done some wonderful things with camera work in the past (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 comes to mind) but here I found myself constantly in opposition with the camera, almost as if it were fighting against me at times. This in turn made the gameplay even more frus...

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Not the best game in the series 0

While it brings all the character back together and wraps up a lot of the mysteries, this isn't the best game in the series - the action is a bit repetitive and it has the feeling of a low-budget sequel. It's fairly story-heavy so you'll enjoy it most if you've at least played Soul Reaver 2....

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