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My 5 Most Loved Games

In no particular order:

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  • My one true RPG love. I put so much time into this game and I never even got to play online! This game is the reason I can never get into another RPG because quitting an RPG for me is like dumping that girlfriend you actually liked beyond the fact that she made you horny.

  • My secret love affair with this game never ceases to die. As what some would call a "truly hardcore player," this game's multiplayer challenges you physically, mentally, and everything in between. Just when you think you know what you are doing, someone comes along and makes you feel like a n008 again. The ultimate competitive game for consoles, I will always remember the good times...

  • Some people claim the greatness that is Super Metroid, some even call out the original. Metroid Prime is the grandchild of those games. It takes what was awesome about the old games and adds another dimension. This game brought out the perfectionist in me and made me look for every last, energy tank, missile pack, and every other thing Retro Studios hid in the cracks. I can honestly say that I have zero complaints about my favorite game of all time.

  • Yes, I put a Zelda game on here, say what you will. I could of put any Zelda game on here, really. I picked this one because I truly think it is the best of the series. I guess the post-SNES Zelda games, just don't feel the same. Zelda started in 2D and I really think that's where it belongs. I have nothing against the 3D games(I loved all of them), I guess this game just offers me the biggest bite of nostalgia.

  • I can hear them screaming now, "Fanboy!", "Combat Evolved was the best Halo!..." Maybe those things are true, maybe not. What I loved about this game was staying up late playing until four in the morning with my friends. You can say this game has its flaws, I would probably agree with you on most of them. This game felt like home to me, the LANS, running through matchmaking, and the smack talk all made this more then a game for me.