Five reasons to hate the game you love.

Hello Earthlings,
If my writing is weird to you it is because I am not from your planet. I exist here purely for the meat!

I love games. This statement is true. I hate games. This statement is also true.

Some games are easy to fall in love with. You start playing them and you feel the connection immediately. it's not until later you start feel a grind and the whole game seems like a chore.  
Some games on the other hand start slowly and have game clunky game play. We march on though and stick with them even though despite our best efforts we can't get into it. Then about 10 hours in it clicks. 
I love games when everything feels right but they so rarely ever do. No matter how much I love a game there will always be something that makes it hate it. There is always that one cheap boss or the huge tutorial that goes over how to walk in a straight line.  There are plenty of games of that have offered instant gratification but those do come to an end and when they do I hate that.  
I guess I am just a hater.  
Here is my list of 5 things that can sour a good game in no particular order.
  • Checkpoints ( let me save game where I want dammit)
  • 10 hour games with useless filler ( if the game is 6 hours please just make it 6 hours.)
  • Cheap boss battles
  • Cliffhanger endings ( I hate knowing you had more more story but you just felt the need to sell this one without it.)
  • Crap controls. (Seriously people play that games before you ship them. I only have two hands.)

What other things can make a good game go bad?