#BombsLaunched(GBCP) Episode 23: Blessed are the Miku

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Note: The Giant Bomb Community Podcast will now be called #BombsLaunched because we felt like it...@ghostiet thought it was a good idea.

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I let the inmates run the asylum and all that's left is Miku crap everywhere. On this episode I wasn't present to try and maintain order as the regular host. I left the podcast in the hands of @reddenblack, @nyxfe, @ghostiet, @arclightborealis, and @believer258. They all talked about Nyx playing hentai on the podcast, old school 90's shooters, more Fallout: New Vegas, HEY HEY, YOU YOU, I COULD BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND, more Burnout: Paradise, McPixel, Nyx loves grinding, Believer beat Borderlands in the worst way possible, Reddenblack does a great Tommy Wiseau impression, The Room, Bully, Persona X Bully, Saints Row IV, Anime is for jerks, If you don't like Saints Row IV you probably have a black heart, Final Fantasy X, Reddenblack rants about Final Fantasy X, Reddenblack loves Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy talk, Reddenblack breaks down JRPG plot, People that like Final Fantasy are damaged people, I'M CAPTAIN BASCH!, Persona talk, The Oregon Trail, The Organ Trail, we're horrible people, Need for Speed, A serious Need for Speed movie where the cars talk, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, Ackbar invades the podcast from Disney World, Killer Is Dead, Hatsune Miku: Project Dive F, You can pet Miku and play rock, paper, scissors, but you can't fuck Miku, Nyan Cat, Nyx is a Mormon, Waifus, ReddenBlack hates the podcast, Nintendo 2DS, Nyx's ex girlfriend will punish Reddenblack, Miyazaki is retiring, The Grand Ouya Scam, Tyler Durden, spoilers for Fight Club, EA goes free to play, Inafune is kickstarting a Mega Man-like game, Reddenblack is kawaii.









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