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GOTY 2014

I didn't play as many games as I would've liked to but I still had a good casual year with video games. It's a year that didn't make me devote a lot of time to games mostly due to me not having a PS4 and Xbox One which is a sham but there still aren't any games I HAVE to play like Bloodborne. Hopefully I'll play ton of games next year in order to make up for this year. Tough times for me this year but games still made me happy to keep playing despite my lack of interest with the medium in general. Also, Persona 5 is coming next year so that'll probably be my goty. It should probably be everyone's goty to be honest. Anyway, here's my list.

List items

  • The DLC is the main reason why it's up so high. I wasn't the biggest fan of the original game but it's still dark souls which means that it's just better than every game out there. The DLC on the other hand is some of the best dark souls gameplay around. Going down through hell and having your AI buddies try and defeat the badass that is the Burnt Ivory King is easily one of the best moments in dark souls. Go play the base game and get the DLC!

  • You can't hate shovel knight. It's a great playing 8 bit adventure with a dude that beats up people with a shovel. It takes the best parts from classic games and makes it's own path into being an original game that is still great to play.

  • I'm still having a hard time explaining why I love this game so much but you have to be someone who appreciates old school JRPG's and respect a creator who makes a deep story using the whole concept of JRPG's to try and deconstruct the whole genre. The combat isn't very unique but the brave and default system is a neat addition. My favorite part is the final fantasy 5 style leveling system which makes you pick different jobs which lets you create your own kind of hero that can break the game or just make a strange mishmash of a character who can do tons of different things. The only huge problem is the repetition in the game which forces you to repeat content in the later chapters which is important for the depth of the story but ultimately a chore for most players. It's a flawed game that still captivated me into finishing it.

  • I don't have much experience with the Etrian Oddessy games but I just wanted some more persona in my life so it filled that role well. Despite my grips for the limitations that the game has due to the system it's still a lengthy game with two different playable heroes which adds replay value. It's a tough game with tons of different systems that makes it a fresh persona experience. Let's Alice!

  • Early in the year I would've made this game my goty due to how addicted I was to it. Whenever I had free time I just kept playing this simple yet fun card game that takes the best parts of the wow universe and makes a compelling card game. I lost interest due to it's f2p nature and my lack of interest but I still have fond memories of playing this game for far too long.

  • THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL GAME. It's a solid tactical rpg with great combat and a compelling story with strong characters. It really did take me by surprise. Here's hoping it did well enough for more games in the universe.

  • While I don't love it as much as Bastion I still found the combat to be very interesting. It's easily my favorite soundtrack of the year which is to be expected after Bastion. The story isn't strong but the art and gameplay alone make it a memorable game.

  • A fascinating time travel story with a well realized original way of using time travel. While it doesn't have any gameplay the story and characters are strong enough for me.

  • I'm a sucker for any ace attorney game so it was an destined to end up on my list. I'm not the biggest fan of puzzle games so the layton stuff wasn't for me. The story is typical fantasy nonsense with some wacky lawyer cases which were the best part of the game for me. Gotta give some love to the soundtrack which has some great renditions of ace attorney music.

  • A short and artistic little rpg with a neat battle system.