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Broken Age Act 1 Review: A New Age. 0

(Note: I'm a backer for Broken Age and it's currently one of the only ways to actually play the game. My money supported Broken Age so I'm obviously biased. Nevertheless, this review is for non-backers who are interested in purchasing Broken Age.)Broken Age is both a huge risk for Double Fine and a return to form for them. Broken Age's origin is a popular one of initially a small revival of the old school adventure game genre with a small asking price of 400k. This was back when Kickstarter was...

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A different kind of Dead Space. 0

Dead Space 3 Review My favorite part of Dead Space 3 is the space walks.IntroI'd say that I'm a big Dead Space fan. I'm still one of those people that vastly prefers Dead Space 2 over Dead Space 1 so take that how you will. I'm in the camp for more action in Dead Space so it's no wonder as to why I liked it more than the original. Both games are still fantastic so you should play both if you haven't already. My expectations for Dead Space 3 weren't that high to be honest. Video game trilogies us...

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Mark the Ninja! 0

This game is great! It makes stealth fun. It also has a cool comic book look to it. Overall it was obviously made by people that knew what they were doing. Stealth games are usually difficult to play due to stiff controls or it being in first or third person. Those are fine ways to do stealth games. Mark of the Ninja just makes the 2D plain make sense. You never feel like the game is the reason that you're dead. All of the mistakes are up to you. Mark of the Ninja gives you all of the tools to d...

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343's take on Halo works for the most part. 0

Pros:Solid campaign that is far more emotional then previous Halo games.Great sound design and a decent soundtrack.New guns that add in more variety in combat.It's a visual treat.Great sound design that makes guns sound viscous.Solid multiplayer with great maps.Spartan Ops seems like a cool idea that can be cool.Cons:A confusing story at times that requires you to research it instead of the game making you understand what is going on.It isn't a radically different take on Halo.You fight way too ...

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One step forward, two steps back. 0

Darksiders 2 is a hard game for me to judge. In some ways it is better than the original Darksiders. In some key areas though, I loved Darksiders 1 over what Darksiders 2 delivered. Most game sequels refine what the previous game in the series did. It is rare to get such a diferent experience from a sequel. I loved the original Darksiders for taking the best aspects of a Zelda game like temple puzzles, valuable tools, and more. It also had a cool unique art style, an interesting story, and solid...

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Dust to Dust. 0

This year's Summer of Arcade has been a bastion of great downloadable games over the past couple of years. Games such as Braid, Shadow Complex and even Bastion have been clear reminders of what SOA can achieve. This year has been a bit disappointing as there hasn't been a great game to showcase the importance of SOA. I'm happy to report that Dust is said game. Dust is hack & slash game of the likes of such games as Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. The game mostly relies on quick re...

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A journey worth taking. 0

"Journey is truly an experience that you've never had while playing a game. It may have limited appeal, but what it accomplishes is a feat that is rare in this medium."The word experience is used far too often to describe certain games. Journey is a game that deserves this notion simply because it isn't necessarily a game. There is one single goal and some platforming, but it is more or less a gallery show. Explain it as a game sound boring. The majority of the game is spent pushing the analog s...

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Return to the Midnight Channel! 0

The Investigation Team is back!As someone that has never played an Arc System Works Co., Ltd. game I was worried that I may not enjoy P4A. The story which was developed by Atlus Co., Ltd. was incentive enough for me to give it a shot. The crazy dream team actually works. P4A is both a solid fighting game that Arc fans will enjoy and has enough story for Persona fans. The story picks up around 2 months after the true end of Persona 4. Yu Narukami(Charlie Tunoku) returns for Golden Week in order t...

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Suda's weakest outing yet. 0

Suda51 has gained a cult following for his games such as Killer7, No More Heroes and more. These games are renown for their irresistible charm and crazy Suda humor. They are also known for having a theme such as NMH's anime style or Shadows of the Damned's mexican movie motif. Lollipop Chainsaw is the next game made by Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51. The games early influences are apparent with Buff the Vampire Slayer and High School of the Dead. This is a Suda game from top to bottom. Unfor...

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War is hell. 0

Spec Ops is either a love it or hate it kind of game. On one hand the combat feels rough and bad for the most part while the story and events that happen are simply memorizing. I want to praise Spec Ops for doing something that no military shooter has ever done. For that matter any game really. It maked me think about what I'm doing and why I'm shooting. It shows you the horrors of war and down right blames you for everything that has happen. For the fears of spoilers I won't talk much about the...

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Max Payne's Return. 0

It's been a while since we've last played a Max Payne game. If you remember, Max wasn't in a great situation at the end of the second game. This is still apparent as Max is even more depressed and frustrated at his poor life that keeps getting worse. After certain events that are covered early on in the game, Max ends up in Sau Paolo, Brazil with a new opportunity. Max's story can best be described as a stranger in a strange land mixed with the movie Max on Fire. The main crux involves a deep co...

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Decent at best. 2

Syndicate is nothing more than a decent First Person Shooter. Some elements were added to keep it fresh like hacking and powers, but it doesn't change how basic combat works. Co-op is fine I guess, but with middling combat it really isn't that important. Don't waste your time with this. It does nothing for the Syndicate name, which is a major bummer....

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Too obtuse for most to enjoy. 0

Fez requires some time to truly understand. Unfortunately, most people probably won't discover nearly everything that is abound in Fez. The main story of Fez is a decent platforming adventure with a neat gimmick. You play as Gomez, a fez wearing 2D guy in a 2D world. The story picks up as a 3D cube invades the world and transforms it. The main hook of Fez is to rotate different dimensions to progress through different areas. The map may be confusing at first, but you'll understand it soon enough...

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A slow descent into brain dead boredom. 0

Wow, this game is broken on many levels. Glitches and freezing are abound in this zombie game. Aside from decent melee combat, this is your typical MMO inspired open world game. My main problems with this game start after you leave the beach and go into the city. This game is unrelentingly difficult for the wrong reasons. Playing by myself I felt easily overwhelmed as the areas became smaller and smaller as the story progressed. I didn't like this game that much to be honest. I never got into it...

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Nothing really stands out here. 0

It's really bland and generic to me. I'm clueless to the warhammer universe, but I've seen this kind of game before. Even the mechanics around it are decent at best. The story doesn't help it stand out from the crowd as it is forgettable. This game doesn't do anything exceptionally well, its just such a standard experience. Fans will enjoy this game, but I never got the appeal....

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A great game, but ultimately forgettable. 0

Gears 3 does what it aims to do without much faults. It's a solid game that doesn't have any real glaring issues. The problem comes with a third game a franchise that feels worn out by now. It was influental to this generation, but the gameplay has gotten old by now. Epic knows this as they decided to go full out and add a ton of great insentives to keep playing even after your done. This doesn't apply to multiplayer, as you're reward for nearly everything that you do. It just sucks that the gam...

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The best platformer that I've played in years. 0

Rayman does what it aims to do brilliantly. The controls, which are vital to a platformer, are remarkably responsive. The level design is top notch as well. Everything around Rayman is great, the only problem comes from what Rayman is. It has a limited ceiling that it can reach. It's solid on all accounts, but still doesn't reach the insane highs that it sets out to accomplish. Still, I highly recommend you try it out....

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A disappointing end to a promising start. 0

While AC:R is a competent game, several design choices such as implementing a poorly made Tower Defense mode is one that sticks out to me. The genuine excitement for the series keeps getting lower and lower as a new game in the franchise keeps being released each year. The novelty of each game diminishes in return. While there isn't anything too bad in this game, I felt disappointed as to how Ezio' story ended. This is game that most will enjoy, but for someone that loved AC: Brotherhood, I felt...

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