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PhatSeeJay: Best of 2010

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  • I'm absolutely blown away by this installment. This is how you make a sequel.

  • Oh baby.. What a ride! This is also how you make a sequel. Let's hope they won't pull a Valve on the sequels to this game!

  • Mr Marston is definitely the gunslinger I've longed for in a Western game. Kudos to a great execution and the best Western game to date.

  • This baby jumps in among the top games simply for improving the already great things in Assassin's Creed 2 and keeps things fresh enough to make this feel like a full blown sequel.

  • Great fun multiplayer. Definitely lifts the bland singleplayer experience. Need more Truckosaurus Rex!

  • Great dumb fun. Quick to pick up and clever ways of combining Team Fortress 2 with DoTA.

  • Spider limb ripping-tastic! Oh wow this game is heavy!

  • This one was bought on the 30th on the Steam sale so it's a late addition, but ends up on my 2010 list none the less. It's so much fun being a cop and the environments look fantastic. This is how you revive a dying series. Good job.

  • Now this game had some survival horror and some great action mechanics. I'm genuinely pleased with how this game turned out. I was also a big fan of the Max Payne games so that's a given.

  • Despite some strange time jumps and the lack of the map mapped to the Back-button, this was still a strong contender with it's true Fable-feel and the personal investment to the characters and your kingdom.