Best of 2011

This year didn't look promising but I sure saw a lot of gems. Head to this list if you want to see all the games I played for 2011.

Also to anyone wondering: Reason Uncharted 3 isn't here is simply because I haven't played it yet. If it's anything like Unchrated 2, I'm sure I would place it high on my list.

List items

  • Xbox 360: Gameplay wise the changes were small but damn they pretty much blew my concerns out of the water. Great game and I thoroughly enjoyed being Batman again.

  • PC: I went into this game with a lot of skepticism but Eidos Montreal showed that you can still make a good PC version in the market of console ports.

  • PC: This one was a bit of a wild card but I had genuinely a lot of fun with this game. The immaturity hit every mark and made me chuckle plenty of times. Also proves that you can still design unique shooters.

  • PC: I owe Bioware an apology for ever doubting their ability to finish this product and make it so solid and enjoyable as it is. Granted they still have a lot to prove when it comes to end game, but I have no doubt I'll be there to put it to the test now. Good job.

  • PC: Not much to say really. It's more Portal and it's even better.

  • Xbox 360: Think I'm in the minority who thought this game was better than Brotherhood but I do and I felt more invested in completing this one than the previous. I just hope the next game is Assassin's Creed 3. Please?

  • PC: Despite not being my cup of tea, I still enjoy it and can recognize the value of the sheer size and what they've crammed into it.

  • Xbox 360: I was a bit disappointed with the story line and how it felt a bit more linier, but that only pushed it a bit down on my top ten. It's still a solid game and I have a lot of fun playing it.

  • PC: Such a dumb game but damn it's fun adding spells together and just watch the carnage.

  • Xbox 360: I have been dying for a proper cops and robbers game, where you're actually the cop, and Bondi answered my prayers. Yes it has its flaws, but I would happily play more episodes.