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Favorite Mass Effect 2 Characters

This list features my favorite characters in Mass Effect 2, it will feature any character I met, not just the squad members.

List items

  • Garrus was definitely the character I saw most improvement in. He really lived up to the renegade characteristics he had in the first installment, while still having a moral and warmth to him.

  • I liked Joker in the first game, annoying but he still got the job done. In this one there was obviously more heart put into him and he got to do things beyond the helms chair.

  • Tali is as good as she was in the first game. She became one of my favorites because her abilities have improved since the last game. This time I actually had use of her.

  • Liara definitely climbed this list since Lair of the Shadow Broker. I really hope you can have her with you on missions this time... or at least tie her more firmly to the story. Even if the DLC gave me so much, it still felt awkward to come back and all she had to say was "Thanks for stopping by."

  • This guy surprised me. I could not see myself liking this fella, but his skills in combat and quick mouth made me awe and chuckle. He was my squad member in the suicide mission.

  • I fucking called this character the second I put down the controller after ME1. This character ends high on my list simply because I called it. Hopefully we'll see more of him in the last installment.

  • I have to admit, Mr Sheen's voicing of this character was probably what set him apart for me. He spoke with such authority and empowerment. Also I can't just ignore a character that pays billions to bring my Shepard back to life.

  • Kelly gave me something I missed in the first game. A connection to the crew without having to walk around and search for it. Plus I'm a sucker for redheads.

  • Thane had me very interested, in both his skills and his race. Also he probably had the best voice in the game.

  • I'm a bit iffy on this gal, I kinda like her, I kinda don't. Her story was interesting and it felt rewarding to help her, also she was a good strength to my squad with her biotics. Yet I never really connected with her.

    Maybe on my female renegade Shepard things will look a bit different.