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Arrival - Going out with a bang 1

Lvl 30 Soldier Post suicide mission    Good to see your face, old man! The term "Going out with a bang" has to be taken a bit more literal here rather than the fact that it was a blast to play. Shepard is contacted by Admiral Hackett who tasks him to spring an old friend of his, Dr Amanda Kenson, from a batarian prison. Shepard is alone on this mission since Hackett refuses to risk Kenson's life by sending an entire squad of people.   This is where Arrival has a c...

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A calm and creepy take on after life 0

 What's going on in the menu? The Main Menu screen has little to tell and the game tell even less as you see the little boy awake from a slumber alone in the woods. There's no word of why he is there or how he ended up there. There's only one thing to do, walk to the right and stay ahead to survive the world that is Limbo.  The little there is to know is told through the XboxLive description that the boy is looking for his sister, but for all I care he's trying to get out of the woods...

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Me, my blades and Ezio - Venice Painted in Blood 0

 Assassin's Creed 1.5?    Altaïr's blade was never cold for longer times In short, no, but let's face it, the game's core is nothing new from the previous, it's everything around it that has changed. Assassin's Creed had an appealing story and the somewhat interesting character Altaïr but it the lack of content around it made it incredibly tedious and bland to play through. Don't get me wrong I plowed through that sucker with a gleeful smile to my lips as I...

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An offer I can refuse 0

What I lovedThe family - I loved how you had a hierarchy of family members that you can equip, upgrade and so on... Their voice strings adds a lot when introduced to new missions and tasks. They respond well and I feel very much like a leader when ordering them around.The business - To gradually take over the town isn't too hard, unfortunately, but it's still fun to take a couple of made men and head to a strip club and take over the racket and then setting up guards to protect it from counter a...

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A damn fun repetition 0

To put it simply, this game offers me what Saints Row 2 did last year.Some damn fun! Sure the game got way repetitive in the end but the fact that I had 20 different ways of slicing and dicing my opponents was well enough to keep me at the controller giggling with glee. Also the fact that Wolverine finaly has been portrayed the way I think he should have been... given the fact that he has six ginormous claws sticking out of his fists!First time I timed my lunge against a leaping enemy, caught hi...

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