Xbox One - One Console Two Service Options

While I'm thrilled to hear DRM policies and features have been reversed for the Xbox One, I can't help but wonder is it really that easy?

Microsoft has spent a great deal of resources to bring us the "future" of gaming. They most likely had a business plan, staff, content and potential contacts with other companies to offer more services through the life cycle of the console. The "always online connection" would be necessary for growth and development of Xbox One. For them to just roll over and say uncle to these original plans doesn't make sense in the long run.

Here's how I foresee Microsoft handing this when the console launches:

1. When you turn on your console you will be given the option to choose an "always online" and have DRM feature experience.

2. If you choose no, you can still use the system similar to the Xbox 360 as they stated, Gold service.

3. If you choose yes, you will have the original feature set as well as some bonus content exclusive only to "Always online" and DRM users, Gold Plus service.

  • Content such as asking developers to create things for those Always online users. So imagine Titanfall and Destiny having more content and gameplay that takes advantage of an always on connection. Discounted DLC, games and exclusive updates.

This way Microsoft can continue to move forward with their plans and overtime see users move from the no internet/DRM free service to the always online DRM restricted option only because they get more when they sign up. Gamers can't just change cold turkey, Microsoft will gradually guide this change. It's better than turning the original policies back on 2 - 3 years later.