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I Came, I Shot, I Had a Good Time. I Guess. 0

I'll preface this by saying that I don't like the modern theme for First Person Shooters. Give me an eight foot tall alien, and I'm happy as a pig in shit. I couldn't help but like this game, though. The whole thing is smooth, just damn smooth. It's set pieces are slick, and I was especially impressed when the game forced you to push through an area without slowing down too much. These sections would always have an impressive ending: Jumping on a rope ladder hanging down from a helicopter, circl...

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A Game in Three Parts 0

 Shattered Memories indeed. The game is broken up into three sections. The first spanning multiple therapy sessions, the second exploring an adventure game format, and the third running away from a group of changing enemies. As the between-level interlude that it is, the therapy section is the best. The narrative moved along by your psychiatrist is well paced and interesting. It's your actions here that are the primary influence on how the game profiles you, the player. Your actions change the ...

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Holy Shit. 0

 Killzone 2 is a game in the same vein as the movie Black Hawk Down.The story is as follows: shit happens, military-type men go after those who caused said shit to happen, initial assault against shit causing antagonists, buzz-headed military-type finds himself in the shit with comrade military-types split up into smaller groups, sub-groups re-unite into whole, military-types push toward shit-antagonists capitol, military-types push through capitol, high-and-tight wearing hero-type kills evil di...

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Oh, Good Lord. 0

 Demon's Souls isn't unfairly difficult, but it is still damn hard. It is not impossible to beat each stage without ever dying; it is, however, extremely improbable. Demon's Souls is broken into five levels. Each level is divided into three or four stages. The Nexus serves as, well, a nexus between these levels. As you make your way through each level you will come across other people, living and dead. Once saved, most will return to The Nexus and help you by providing goods and services. Some p...

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Fun, Fun, Fun 0

A lot of things have already been said about Dead Space -- verbs and nouns, mostly, with adjectives being the most common, as well as the most defining. Adjectives like unoriginal.Dead Space is not an original game. It included slowing-time and kinesis gimmicks -- both in vogue at the time of Dead Space's release. It also included thrills and shocks found in any Resident Evil or Silent Hill game of the last ten years, or so. Science-fiction, space, poor lighting, over-the-shoulder shooting; all ...

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Jumpin' Shootin' Fun 0

 If Pit Fall and Tomb Raider had a baby, it would be Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. That baby would be a beautiful adventure across a Caribbean island. Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher, and Victor Sullivan are on the search for El Dorado, the the lost treasure of Sir Francis Drake. They're not the only people looking, though. Pirates still patrol the waters of the Caribbean and loot this valuable is too good to pass up.Uncharted's gameplay is broken up into two main areas. The traversing of the world, an...

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An Entirely Average Game that's Exceptionally Fun to Play 0

Saint's Row 2 is not a great game, but it is a game with a hell of a lot of style.It's been a few years, but you have woken up from a comma with a new attitude, a new voice, and the need to regain control of Stilwater with your old friend Johnny Gat. Three new gangs have taken control of Stilwater, and you tackle each with one of your three lieutenants. Saint's Row 2 isn't experimenting with anything drastically new, but introduces some solid improvements to the core experience. Stilwater remain...

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Mr. Electric Hands and His Fancy Rainbow Parade 0

Infamous drops you into the charged feet of Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who has recently gained some extraordinary powers. Caught in a blast, Cole gains an increasing amount of control of electricity over the course of the game. With his abilities, you lead Cole down a path of good or bad. Sacrifice your exceptional life for the greater good, or dominate those less powerful. Like other good/evil systems, inFamous doesn't allow for you to make middle ground choices. It doesn't expect you to ei...

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Oh, How I Wanted to Like this Game 0

Lets make this very clear. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is not a good game. I want it to be. I tried telling myself that it was. It is not.That said, The Force Unleashed is not a complete failure of a game. There are two aspects of the game that keep this sinking ship afloat.The story feels contained, but existing in a larger world -- a balancing act that Star Wars stories often seek but rarely find. The Force Unleashed's story is that of Starkiller, but it's also the story of the birth of the...

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Nobody Ever said Fighting Russians was Easy 0

It's the not to distant future, and the Warsaw Pact has outlasted NATO. Europe slowly fell, with Britain resisting the longest. Just when America thinks that it is safe, BAM, Russians. It's up to Christopher Stone, The Freedom Phantom, to lead his people against the iron grip of Russia. Stone and his followers fight tooth and nail to retake one building at a time, before triumphantly raising an American flag over each Russian stronghold. Each victory feels significant and each step a mile.Accomp...

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Different Strokes for Different Folks 0

Just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is about some guy who, for some reason, kills a bunch of people. I'm pretty sure that there was a story somewhere in the game, but that's not important. Agent 47 is actually working for the man he's out to stop. Roll in a thunderous cacophony of drums. Script, pitch, and go.Within the grand story, each mission is comprised of its own story. Each of which is more interesting than what's happening around it. Missio...

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A Puzzle/RPG that Shines Bright 0

A breakout game from 1st Playable Productions, Puzzle Quest blends the RPG and Puzzle genres in a new and interesting way. The point and touch accessibility of the DS makes Puzzle Quest as easy to control on the DS as Bejeweled was on the PC. Touch a puzzle piece, move a puzzle piece. Easy as that. The only buttons used are the shoulder buttons, which flip the top and bottom screens. Praise aside, there are two issues with the control. When checking the specifics of a spell in battle the 'help...

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Big Explosions and Dead Nazis 0

Twenty-six levels, divided between three campaign, Call of Duty puts you in the boots of an American, British, and Soviet soldier. Each is a rush from one battle to the next.Each campaign is divided between two long missions, occasionally broken up by single level length missions. Mission begin with an general overview with each levels objectives explained to you on the spot. One level flows smoothly into the next. So much so that the end of each campaign comes to an abrupt ending. This is an in...

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