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Bro, do you even forum?

I've been a long time user of computers and the Internet. My family got a PC back when I was a kid and we mostly used it to type up school papers and play DOS games (I'm 31). When I eventually got a job and made my own money, I discovered the wonder of the Internet for myself. I'm not a great user of it, but I can find the answers to most questions I have after a bit of work. However, one area of Interwebbing has always baffled me and that is the use of forums. A quick glance at my GiantBomb usage shows me I've posted over 400 times in the GB forums, but I've always felt like I'm doing it wrong.

I don't know where this feeling comes from. I just feel awkward posting on forums or occasionally responding in forums. It seems like a lot of pages are just "set it and forget it" style topics. Most times I try to post on different sites, I get redirected to other forums that have been up for a couple of years, usually with a condescending tone that comes across like, "Why didn't you just search for this insanely specific thing first, even though the post I'm linking you to has entirely different wording for the same question?" Maybe I just go to the wrong forums...

I feel the problem is somewhat mitigated here because, let's be honest, the GB forums are often so specific or random or based solely on offhand discussions in the Bomb/Beastcasts that it's hard to get upset about someone not knowing every square inch of it. Anyway, my whole experience makes my use of forums very infrequent. My 400+ posts here have been built up slowly over the past several years and this is definitely the site I post to the most. I just feel strange that forums are so popular the world (wide web) over when they seem so difficult for me personally. How about you all?* Is there a corner of Internet usage you just don't get or is it just me?

Also, thanks for everyone who expressed concern about my last blog, turns out I do not have carpal tunnel syndrome, just tendonitis. Still hurts a bit, but with ice packs, drugs, rest, and wrist splints, it's getting back to normal. I'll finish Zelda as soon as I have some more free time.

*Yes, I realize the irony of posting a question like this in a forum, you're very clever for noticing it.

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