Is it August yet?

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I haven't picked up a controller in a week and a half

I'm a pretty avid gamer. In my house right now I have pretty much every home console since the PS2 era (haven't picked up a Switch yet because there are not enough games I want to play on it) as well as a gaming PC. Playing video games is very much my favorite hobby. However, I've been laying off recently for health related reasons.

Pretty much exactly a year ago, I had pretty severe pain in my wrists. I suspected (and feared) it was carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by my job. I work in a data entry position at a freight company, basically processing my portion of the thousands of bills they pick up in a given day. It's a thankless, soul crushing, well paying job that affords me about 9 hours a day to listen to shit on my iPod. That much typing cannot be healthy and it forced me to go see a doctor, who prescribed wrist splints to keep me from bending them at work and while sleeping as well as an anti-inflammatory drug to hopefully reduce the swelling and pain. It worked, I was back to normal by the time I ran out of pills, but now the pain has returned. I'm back in splints, I'm back on the drug, and I get to go see an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday for some further testing to see if I need my hands operated on (yay, fun...).

I need to work (I need the money), but I've cut back on my gaming mainly out of fear of making my problems worse. The lack gaming input has been driving me up the wall. I have so much to get back to. I'd found the 120th shrine in Zelda and was ready to storm the castle. I want to try Player Unknown's Battleground because Vinny made it look really interesting and tense. Darksiders is on my Xbone waiting for me to try out. I miss Rocket League something fierce. Is this what withdrawal is like?

Anyway, I'm sure others in the community have dealt with hand or wrist pain. How did you all get through the dark times? Anyone actually had carpal tunnel or the corrective surgery to clear it up? I'ma stop typing now. My hand hurts...