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Most useful Pokemon I train

Don't laugh, but I've been playing through Soul Silver since it came out, and it made me realize... I only use a scant few of the over 490 monsters in those games.  These pocket monsters made my list as the most useful, both in story progression and just outright in battles.  Follow my advice young Padawan and the Gym leaders shall fall before your might.

List items

  • A ridiculously fast Water type, Starmie is a TM Pokemon with a vengence. It obviously gets taught Surf, both to get around and for it's water kick assed-ness, but also gets Ice Beam & Thunderbolt to ward of pesky Grass & Flying types. It's fourth move slot rotates between Recover, Confuse Ray and Psychic, depending on my mood. Starmie is consistently a starter with these moves, only running in terror from Electric types.

  • Any and all of them. There's a reason you start with these guys, they are pretty good to have throughout whatever version of the game you play. Not only do the get the most time to be raised up, they also learn some of the best moves on their own. No TM required!

  • Catch a Geodude early, raise it throughout until it evolves into Graveler at lvl 25 and you'll get this beast as soon as you trade him to a friend and back. Not particularly fast, not particularly good at special attacks, but MAN is he strong in the attack & defense stats. Plus, getting a third level evolution at lvl 25 means you have lots of time to bring his stats even higher. AND he learns a lot of good stuff along the way, like Magnitude and Rock Blast.

  • Another early catch, pick up a Spearow as soon as you can. Once it evolves, you'll be hard pressed to find a flying type with higher attack stats. Ignore the Pidgey line entirely, 'cept for your Pokedex. Pidgey/Pidgeyotto/Pidgeot is a cute line, but they don't get very worthwhile very fast. Fearow, on the other hand, is truly a terror of the skies, plus it learns Drill Peck, a fantastic Flying move that Pidgey misses out on.

  • About as close to perfect as a Fire type can be, Arcanine is truly a beast. It's not the fastest one out there, but it's strength and firepower more than make up for it. Besides that, it learns a ridiculously rare and sweet move, Extremespeed. It's like Quick Attack but twice the damage. Get it Flamethrower, let the Growlithe that it evolves from learn Crunch and maybe teach it Dig just for good measure and you're good to G.O.

  • You'll need to be really fast with your paralysis/sleep inducing attack to catch one, or have a spare Ultra Ball lying about, but catching an Abra and raising it to this Psy-kicker of ass is a definate must. As with Golem, trade this one back & forth with a friend to get it to evolve from Kadabra and you'll have a third tier evolution really young to work with.

  • The more observant among you will note that all of the above (with the exception of the starters) come from the very first game in the series. Well, let's break some tradition with Misdreavus, a pure Ghost type with a great move pool. Confuse Ray, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Psybeam, winners all in her book!

  • Arcanine may be my #1 Fire type, but always have a Plan B. Houndoom is quite the Plan B. My problem with him is how LONG it takes for him to learn Crunch (Lvl 54!), even if you keep him a Houndour until it does (Lvl 48 still). Still a good choice, being completely immune to Psychic attacks as a Dark type, just not my fave.

  • If a Starmie isn't available in your game, this water beast will do in a pinch. Also has an interesting move pool, learns Spike Cannon and can be taught Ice Beam, Cloyster has some of the highest defense you'll see this side of Snorlax.

  • Most dragons are hard to train, not because they can't/don't learn good moves (because they do, oh my they do) but because it takes a helluva lot of time to get them evolved. Not so with Kingdra, who can evolve as soon as you lay hands on a Sedra (a great monster in it's own right) and a Dragon Scale. High defense, few weaknesses, Surf capabilities, wonderful to have around.

  • Speedy, strong moves out of the gate, eventually learns Earthquake on it's own, Dugtrio is a good addition to any team. I recommend teaching it Rock Slide, since it doesn't have a good "kill flying types" move of it's own, but it's among the fastest monsters in the game.

  • Furret sucks. He's not a good battler. Not a good set of stats at all for combat. Not a great move pool. Why keep him about then? Simple, he can learn a lot of HM moves. I have one that knows Cut, Surf, Rock Smash and Strength. If you need to get around somewhere and don't feel like teaching one of those moves to your party, bring on the utility Furret.

  • Awww, what a cutie. Fuck that, get him a stone and get him one QUICK! Eevee is without a doubt THE most adaptable creature in the entire Poke-verse. He currently has 7 different evolutions, allowing him to become a Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dark, Grass or Ice type. With the exception of his Dark type Umbreon (which is difficult to train) all of these choices are good ones. Jolteon is one of my single favorite Electric types and is RIDICULOUSLY fast, while Glaceon, Eevee's Ice type, won me over in the last game and became a new must have. "But," I hear you say, "how can I get more than one Eevee?" See the next entry...

  • Word of explanation, I NEVER use Ditto in battles. EVER. Ditto is a must have for exactly one reason: it is an egg making machine. Ditto's will do anything under the sun, any gender, any species, ANYTHING. As with any rule there are exceptions, the rare types don't make eggs at all (sorry, no Mewtwo eggs) but if you want to breed a slew of Pokemon, Ditto is your workhorse. Nickname it Sex Machine, Ladies Man, Lover Blob or the like and keep him in your daycare center permanently.

  • Another Fire type? And at the bottom of the list? What gives? Well, his ability is what gives. I rarely use a Magmar in combat, but it's ability is called Flame Body. This useful ability cuts the number of steps you need to take to hatch an egg in half, as long as the egg & this firey fella is in your party. Very helpful when you're hatching new starters for your friends or another Eevee that your Ditto helped squeeze out. As a note, Slugma can also have this ability, but Slugmas don't ALWAYS have this ability. Magmar does, he wins, end of story.