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Nostalgia Distilled and Improved 2

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series is one of the most important to me personally. I bought an original Xbox to have something to play THPS 4 on, having beaten the other games at friend's houses multiple times. The series itself holds a much higher place of importance in both the video game and skateboarding realms. Prior to the release of the original, extreme sports games were limited to score challenges or downhill jam style games. While skateboarding had been around for a while, it took T...

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Great mouth feel... 0

Rogue-likes are all similar, but all distinctly different. The game that springs to my mind most when playing it is Rogue Legacy, the first real rogue-like I played, not just because you're an endlessly respawning hero traversing castle-like environments slaughtering untold numbers of monsters while collecting loot, but because of the feel of the game. Dead Cells feels really good to play.Every aspect of the controls is tuned to perfection. The jump feels great. The double jump feels great. ...

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An interesting platformer, hard swings in difficulty 0

Giana Sisters' games have a sordid history. The first one wasn't so much a game as a complete rip of Nintendo's semi popular Super Mario Bros. with Mario & Luigi replaced with the titular Giana Sisters. However since then, the characters have come to star in their own series of original games including this latest one. You play as Giana trying to rescue her sister Maria from the dream world. The set up is really quite loose, but it basically boils down to a series of 2D platforming level...

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Super Mario Run looks good, but does little else 0

I'm a child of the late 80s and early 90s. My first memories of video gaming are watching my mother play through every single level of the original Super Mario Bros. (meaning she beat the game with no warps). Mario is deep in my subconscious as a gamer; he practically defines platform gaming for me and an entire generation. That's why this game is such a disappointment.Let's be clear though, Super Mario Run isn't bad, it's fine as a kind of puzzle game. I just don't get why it's on a phone ...

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And I'm done... 0

I had such high hopes for Pac-Man: Championship Edition 2 (PMCE2). I didn't get into the original version, but I fell really hard for Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX (PCMEDX) a few years back, racking up all the achievements and posting some decent high scores among my friends list. It's a fantastic distillation of the things we love about Pac-Man and turn it just slightly on its head enough to make it amazingly fun. PMCE2... well... it doesn't.The ghosts have gone from a threat to an annoyance...

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An ex-Magic the Gathering player's love of the game 0

Trading card games are part of geek life. They are something that most of us at least dabble with at some point in our youth, be it Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon or even just observing classmates and friends playing them at lunch. For me, like most geeks growing up in the late 90s, it was Magic the Gathering. I have fond memories of learning it and playing my friends at it, meager though our collections were. The problem always was money; We didn't have much of it.Our decks were cobbled together from ...

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