S-Rank Blog Post #16 - Boosting and Blogging

Just mere minutes ago, as I start to type this, I finally unlocked the achievement for reaching SS Rank in Dead or Alive 4. I have to say thanks to Akirakorn and StridentPizza for sticking with boosting every Sunday for what must be nearly 2 months now. It'll be a long row of losses over the next few months as I repay the favor but unlike winning all those bouts, barely anything is required of you when losing so I've decided to spend some time typing up my next blog entry.

Not to much else of import has happened lately, I'm still trying to boost a lot more often than I had over the last few months, joining nearly any session I know I can make with the hopes of getting to 90% completion by the new year. It's a lofty goal and one I'm not feeling to confident of making, especially since I'm spending nearly all my gaming time in Skyrim, which I'm enjoying immensely but isn't doling out the points. I know I have a bunch of games sitting near finished that I could easily polish off with some dedication, but man, Skyrim is too good.

Since there haven't been any new completions this week I can close into not talking about games in the past tense, let's get it on!


ilomilo is a great little puzzle game that oozes character and charm. It's really fun and cutesy with it's patchwork/arts-n-crafts artistic style, but also rewarding when you figure out how to get through some of those later levels. It's not frustratingly hard though, with the solutions never leaving you sitting there dumbfounded for hours trying to puzzle your route together. It's a relaxing adventure through their laid-back land complete with some inventive achievements but after a little bit of time you'll find yourself with another completed game.


Double Fine brings it again. I'm still waiting on these guys to put a foot wrong. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping that the newly re-titled Iron Brigade hits up DotW sooner rather than later. Stacking is another laid back adventure with a fresh artistic feel. Stacking pulls you into the world of Russian Nesting Dolls, you know the doll within a doll within a doll... Doll Inception?

Anyway this cool little adventure sees you as the worlds smallest nesting doll, which means you're able to nest into and take control of any doll one size bigger than you. You can then nest into another and another as long as they're only one size bigger. Every doll has their own (mostly)unique abilities which combined with the previous stipulation can lead to some clever puzzles. Stacking also features in game challenges involving each dolls abilities which are quite fun to figure out and go for. In the end Stacking is a cheerful adventure with some puzzle solving that was consistently fun and entertaining throughout.

Gatling Gears

This is starting to feel a little more recent. This would have to be one of the more challenging things I've done recently. The achievement for having to complete this game on the hardest difficulty was a real test of skills, especially because I've never been too great at games like this. I did quite enjoy this dual-joystick shooter, partially because its set in the same universe as Greed Corp, which I really enjoyed as well.

Most of Gatling Gears was enjoyable and easy enough until you get to the second last level, where it decides to jack up the difficulty and length of the level big time. I probably spend close to 10 hours trying over and over to get myself through which finally paid off. It was a great feeling, I don't think I've put myself through a challenge like that in a long, long time. I guess that's good for my stress levels and to those around me who haven't had to deal with truckloads of obscenities flung in every direction but that feeling of accomplishment is one hell of a drug. I've been thinking of upping my game and tackling some more difficult games soon, but we will see how it goes. As I said in my previous blog I'll be moving out into an abode of my own so stifling my tirades could become less of an issue, so I'll have no excuses for not stretching myself.

After beating the second last level, the last level fell relatively quick - not a super easy level or anything but it's very short due to it being the endgame boss level. It was just a matter of getting his patterns down and pulling off what needed to be done.

My Dead or Alive 4 boost has just reached it's end for this week, so I guess that will be it for today. I would write a little more but there's questing to be done in Skyrim and if I don't help that Breton woman no one will! As always give me a yell if you want to boost anything.