Other Notable/Favourite Games

These games would be on my top 20 games list if I could be bothered to maintain one.

List items

  • Team multiplayer game that it unmatched when it comes to depth and difficulty.

    I love this game as much as I hate it(negative stuff comes from the community and devs).

    Hours Played: 3050h | Times Finished: N/A

  • Dragon Age: Origins has an amazing, rich world filled with great characters, fascinating places to explore, books to read, riddles and puzzles to solve, mysteries to uncover and much more. The game is a worthy successor to Baldur's Gate II.

    When I first bought DA:O I got so addicted I played it for 11 hours every day for 10 days straight and never felt bored even for a second. In fact, I would have, immediately, started another play-through if it had new game plus. 110 hours for "first go" at a game may not seem that much of a big feat to some but we are talking about a true old-school single-player CRPG here, that contains 9 novels worth of text.

    Hours Played: 365h | Times Finished: 5

  • Cool world and characters, great level design that complements the parkour nature of the game which changed the way I think about traversing a level in games forever. Going through the castle in the past and in the present makes for a very cool experience. The combat system is great and the time rewind/slow mechanic makes everything jell perfectly.

    When it comes to the game's faults people often mention the tone change and "emoness" of the prince which is fair enough but I guess that didn't effect me as much because I played WW first. The game does have a little bit of sound problems on the PC version.

    Hours Played: 135h | Times Finished: 10

  • Highly influential, genre-defining(action adventure) game. It came out in 1991, I played it for the first time in 2013 and in 2019 it got on this list... Why? Because despite it being a truly timeless and impressive game I could only replay it once every couple of years due to the super linear first half of the game BUT the ITEM RANDOMIZER rom hack fixed all of that.

    Hours Played: 93h | Times Finished: 7

  • (plus Chaos Rising and Retribution expansions)

    Even though I've always liked RTS games I've never spent more than 30 hours playing them... This "RTS" is freakin' awesome! I have beaten the vanilla campaign 4 times and spent many, many hours playing the multiplayer.

    The single-player campaign of Chaos Rising is way better than the one in DoW2. I beat the it for the first time in one sitting in 11 hours *LOL* on the hardest difficulty(Primarch).

    The multiplayer is total mayhem.

    Hours Played: 810h | Times Finished: 10

  • Darksiders took many things from a lot of games and mashed them together seamlessly. Also the best "fuck yeah" ending ever.

    Hours Played: 102h | Times Finished: 4

  • The best dungeon crawler ever made when it comes to game-play. It fixes the gold problems of the genre, gives you huge freedom when it comes to building your character. It has the best end-game loop of any game in the genre and on top of that it's FREE 2 PLAY without all the shite that plagues these kind of games.

    Hours Played: 170h | Times Finished: 2

  • This is how you improve upon a game. My favourite game on the NES by far.

  • Such a great co-op game. The first game I can remember making levels for.

  • Probably my favourite arcade game.

  • Even better than the first one.

  • Such an underappreciated dungeon crawler. Mindless dungeon-crawler yes, but very fun.

  • Alma, please. The FPS I've replayed the most.

  • Best PvP in an MMO.

  • Favourite racing game.

  • This is not just a mindless dungeon crawler. It has proper quests and side quests, puzzles, riddles and even companion quests!

    It was my first fully voiced RPG. The music and a few sounds, like the quest updating, are super memorable. The journal also made a huge impression on me. The only better one that I can think of is Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's Tome of Knowledge.

    Its expansion pack, Broken World, is great not because of the new campaign but for the improvements it makes to the core game(yes, those changes affect the base game as well). It adds balance (although a few difficulty spikes as well), more pets, item recipes, magic items now can have special properties which make the combat more fun, dedicated dual classing and more.

    You'd probably want to use the "FogFar 25 Combined" mod. Sadly, the game is kind of unplayable on modern systems because the higher the resolution the smaller the UI becomes to a point of illegibility. Although there is a mod that increases text size only.

    Hours Played: 534h | Times Finished: 12