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Fighting the good fight against giant man-lizards.

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  • pickassoreborn posted a message on the post This Fast & Furious Game Is Awful, Wow.

    @bakoomerang: It was indeed set in Barcelona. Also had the same gameplay mechanic of shifting the car to melee other cars. Funny thing is I know a dev who worked on this F&F game who also worked o...

  • pickassoreborn posted a message in the forum topic Jeff's soundboard. on the General Discussion board

    I recently caught up with a bunch of old Aftermath shows and I love the soundboard intros - feels like the show is akin to pirate radio. Something genuinely from the underbelly of the Bombcast itself....

  • pickassoreborn posted a message in the forum topic Thank You, Giant Bomb Team (Tuesday Pause). on the Bombcast board

    Ryan would definitely be proud. <>